The Best Of What Canada Has To Offer By; Diljot Mann

I have been living in Canada ever since I was born. My parents moved to Canada so they could provide a better future for our growing family and make sure we are always safe and have a good life. I am very thankful to them as Canada is an amazing country that I love and respect a lot.

Even though there are many things I love about Canada, there are three things that truly stand out to me. Canada is an amazingly diverse place, we welcome anyone and everyone. Canada is a very peaceful country we do not have any feuds with any other countries, we rarely involve ourselves with violence unless its for the right cause. I also feel very safe here, knowing the laws and the police protect us.
Canada is an incredibly diverse country. Our country began due to immigration. Once Canada was founded, many people from Europe immigrated to Canada, not long after the Chinese also came (Immigration to Canada). What really set the wheels in motion to being a diverse country was when the immigration policy was revolutionized ( Immigration to Canada). Then in 1971 Pierre Trudeau introduced a multicultural policy which helped the development of different racial groups, help people overcome obstacles in Canada, encourage all races to work together and cooperate, and lastly help immigrates learn at least one of Canada's official language. We should be grateful our country is so welcoming, as some countries are not and can be very racist. Donald Trump is being extremely racist and trying to put a muslim ban in America, it is causing many people inconvenience and is very wrong.
Canada has always been known for being peaceful. I love that about our country. We even have a peace movement which was formed when the Vietnam war occurred. But it really became large in 1983 when the Soviets and NATO's nuclear missal deployment began. It gave rise to the peace movement in Canada and abroad (Roach). There are peace groups in Canada like the Canadian Peace Alliance and Project Ploughshare (Roach). The teacher in Canada are also apart of the peace movement, maybe unknowingly but they are. They teach the future generations about the past and how the violence affects people, unknowingly they are teaching the kids to be peaceful. they are teaching Canada to be peaceful (Roach). We should be happy our country is like this because we aren't in danger for any wars or anything like that. Also when we travel somewhere and people find that we are Canadian we are also not thought to be a hazard or treated wrongly.
Canada is a very safe and secure country. The reason for feeling safe is that we have laws and acts that protect us and also an amazing police force. The police force continues to stay up to date on modernization. Now as people walk more in cities like Toronto the police force will also be on foot (Toronto Police Force set to release final report on modernizing force 1). This makes me feel secure because the police knows how to keep us safe in this day and age. There is also an act called The Safe Food For Canadians act. It makes sure that the food we eat is safe, it is like a new and improved food inspection plan. There are new requirements for processors, shippers, and handlers to make sure the food is in good hands. One large thing that helps me feel safe is the Criminal Code Of Canada. This is what prevents people form doing wrong things, and causing harm (Pringle). It has laws on many things and provides punishments to wrong do-ers, which is why people are afraid of committing a crime (Pringle). I'm glad that Canada is a safe country in which we do not constantly have to look over our backs in fear.

In conclusion I'm happy my parents chose to come to Canada because I love this country! There are many things that are good about Canada, almost to many to name actually! But the best of Canada to me is definitely the diversity, peace, and safety.

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