Futuristic Planets By: Dylan O.

This might be Mars in about 400 years
Will Earth ever shimmer like in this photograph?
Maybe this is where the moon is going to be soon, you never know.
Is there going to be aliens like E.T.? They might be living here right now.
Was there ever a black hole near Jupiter?
I hope you had fun. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Created with images by Aproximando Ciência e Pessoas - "Planeta Água" • NASAblueshift - "Exoplanet is Extremely Hot and Incredibly Close (Artist's Concept)" • tonynetone - "Earth" • spielecentercom0 - "planet blue space" • MikeBird - "et movie alien" • skeeze - "jupiter auroras atmosphere" • NatoPereira - "planets cosmos moon"

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