Henry Ford first car

Henry Ford is the son of William and Mary Litogot Ford. He was the oldest of 5.

He was born on July 30, 1863, in Wayne County Michigan. He lived on his family farm. Henry had no interest in farming. When he was 13 his father gave him a pocket watch. He took it apart many times and he started taking other peoples clocks and fixing them.

At the young age of 16 Henry left his family and went to become an apprentice at a dock yard in Detroit.

In 1888 he married Clara Bryant and had a son. They then moved back to the farm.

1891 Henry became an engineer for Edison Illuminating. In two years he got promoted to chief engineer. Henry looked up to Edison they became good friends.

In 1896 Henry made his first prototype he called it the Quadricycle. Henry showed this to Edison. Edison encouraged him to build a better model.

In 1903 Ford Motor Company was born. In October of 1908 the first Model T was released. He made almost 100% gains the first two years.

It was hard to keep up with demands, so Ford came up with a fast way to mass produce. He invented the moving assembly line.

Henry Ford died April, 7 1947 83 years old. His net

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