Stephens Ministry Annual Report 2016 Reaching Today's Students for Christ

VISION: To accelerate the mission of reaching every student on every campus.

Larry & Amanda Stephens, Cru Missionaries

Larry focuses on Evangelism Strategies for the U.S. Campus Ministry.

Amanda focuses on discipling women in the workplace who want to live for Christ.

Larry & Amanda Stephens, Michael & Jason (8), Alana (6), Andrew (4)

Thank you

We are always excited to share with you what partnering with us looks like. We are so grateful to have you join us in this incredible adventure of reaching students for Christ!

We praise God for all He has done over the past school year.

Ministry Highlights

Cru Goes Behind Scenes of Chick-Fil-A's Innovation Center

Larry arranged for 15 Cru leaders to fly to Atlanta to spend the day with Chick-Fil-A Innovation Director.Why? The hope was that we would get outside of our company, stretch our thinking, and come back with fresh ideas on how to take on some of Cru's biggest challenges.

Challenges like:

  • How do we reach more than 1 million students for Christ?
  • How can we get on more campuses?
  • How can we send 10,000 students on global missions trips?
People love to talk about good movies. The “Sully” movie will be one of those.

"Sully" was the #1 movie in America for weeks. Films like "Sully" has the power to transition everyday conversations with friends into glimpses of their spiritual journeys.

In our LIVE Facebook interview, Mike Kollmansberger shared how he had peace knowing he would see Jesus once the plane hit the water. As people of faith, this movie provides a platform to share about our fears while putting our hope in Jesus Christ.

As the Film Liaison for Cru, Larry helped setup this wonderful interview that will hopefully encourage people to really talk about the Miracle on the Hudson.

BEN-HUR: Hollywood gave us a $200 million gospel tool

BEN-HUR is one of history's great stories of redemption, and this remake of that iconic tale creates clear pathways of faith and forgiveness.

For several months Larry worked alongside Paramount Studios and gave advice on shaping the film as a gospel tool. We encouraged students to bring non-Church friends to see the movie and explore Jesus with them afterwards.

You can DOWNLOAD and share the BEN-HUR Discussion Guide at: WWW.SHAREBENHUR.COM

Summer Missions advance the Gospel to the world

2891 students accepted

These summers are so life-changing. Not only does God grow their hearts for the world, the students return home with a renewed vision, boldness, and courageousness to reach their campuses for Christ. They come home living missional.


Tim Tebow showed up

Larry developed the Evangelism Equipping package for the Together 2016 event to help students tell their friends about Jesus. You can review the 4 Steps to Sharing Your Faith below.

"Jesus changes everything. He offers hope, and the ultimate reset."
Larry speaks to the baseball team on the 4 C’s — Conviction, Courage, Choices, and Character.

Larry really enjoyed getting to know the players at Lake Sumter Community College. He met the head coach and was so encouraged that he is trying to set a good example to live out his faith in Christ in front of the players. Coaches make a huge impact and Larry has a heart to come alongside of others and help them make an impact for Christ.


Larry helped arrange a brainstorming session with Dwight Howard and formed a board of advisors to help leverage his witness for Christ and to speak into the racial reconciliation conversation in our country

What an honor to be part of such a special and intimate time with one of the NBA Superstars and to be with two of the nation’s top speakers on the topic of racial unity and reconciliation.

Some of those who attended were:

Christena Cleveland (photo far left) is the Director of the Center for Reconciliation at Duke and a professor of social psychologist with a hopeful passion for overcoming cultural divisions within the Body of Christ. I wanted to find someone within academia to help educate Dwight and to keep him current on the national conversations revolving around race. I was impressed when Christena told us she was invited to the White House Christmas Party. She was a hit and asked Dwight great questions about his personal story.

James White (photo bottom middle) is a senior pastor in North Carolina, a board member of the YMCA, and a national speaker on racial reconciliation. I asked James to join us because I felt like Dwight needs a spiritual mentor in his life. My hope is that our board of advisors can speak into Dwight’s life—and that this is not just a one-time event.


Dwight told us that when he was in high school, he knew God was calling his to preach Christ as an NBA player. Some bad decisions have hindered that calling. But Dwight shared that he still has a strong desire to be a witness for Christ. Last summer, Larry helped connect Dwight to a Hillsong Conference in Australia where he rededicated his life to Christ.

Aurelian Collin, Orlando City player-Now Red Bulls

137,000 views on IamSecond video

Larry worked a full year trying to convince I am Second to film Aurelien Collin's video story. He raised funds for the filming from local businessmen. They even highlighted Aurelien for our Orlando City Soccer Faith & Family event. A week before our big event, Aurelian was traded to the New York Red Bulls. Bags packed and he was gone!

For sure, this was one of the biggest disappointments for me and the soccer chaplain in 2016, but God had bigger plans. Aurelien started playing for the Red Bulls and their team finished 1st in their East Division.

Quebue is considered an unreached province in Canada, mainly French speaking
I am second canada saw 200,000 vists in one week
Filming Aurelien in Dallas

Thank you

Thank you for your partnership of Cru, students all over the world are experiencing the friendship of Jesus and community of believers for the first time. We hope you enjoyed a few stories from our newsletters from last year. -- Larry & Amanda

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