Safety beyond the gates In our photo-essay, we will be introducing to you our school’s unsung hero who commits his time to ensure the safety and well-being of the school. We will be sharing his story with you in the following paragraphs.

This is Mr Steven Yuen. While serving the Army for 34 years, Mr Steven was a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) who had committed his time serving and gaining experience through vigorous training and courses. When he was offered the ‘Commando Course’, he turned down the offer stating that he had no interest in it. Today, he is our school’s Security Officer in Northland Secondary School.
Given the choice of either taking up a job of being a cleaner or security guard, he chose to be a Security Officer. When we asked him about why he wanted to take up this job of being a Security Officer, he told us that when he retired, he wanted to take up a 2nd career. With having experience in the army, he figured that being a Security Officer would an ideal job for him.
“Ensuring the safety of the students and staff of this school is my utmost priority” said Mr Steven during our interview. On school days, Mr Steven would be carrying out his daily routines. Patrolling the school, inspecting our school’s fences, ensuring that traffic flows smoothly in and out of Northland.
When we asked about his experience in his time serving in Northland, he told us that being a Security Officer is never easy. He shared with us his problems he faced during his shifts such as dealing with defiant students, unhappy parents and general safety concerns for the school.
At the end of our interview with him, he also told us that taking up the job of being a Security Officer helps boost his self-esteem and makes him feel more confident and also satisfied seeing that the safety of students and staff of Northland Secondary School is not compromised.
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