The Candid Wedding When a Street Photographer does a Wedding

Being known mostly for my street photography, for which the objective is to capture the interesting in the mundane, and, without influencing the scene, tell the story of that one moment. As such, I may not be the obvious choice as a wedding photographer because my images are real, gritty, emotional and when all is said and done they're not your average traditional wedding images. However, from time to time I do get asked to either be the primary photographer at a wedding or to support another wedding photographer as the second shooter.

She Puts a Ring On It

The reasons I'm invited to shoot weddings is for the very same reasons explained above. In other words, to document the day, to record the moments, be they happy, sad, tearful or funny, and to tell the story of the day. This won't mean lots of posed shots, but more of the images as the day naturally unfolds.

The small and big reactions

The street photographer morphs into a documentary photographer, no longer telling the story of one moment but telling the story of a day in many moments. Some you'll have seen, some you'll have heard about and some, well the images will surprise you.

Early Preparation

All the generations

Before the tears

The dancing

It is likely you'll get a range of images that are not the "normal wedding" but something different. When teamed up with a more traditional wedding photographer the outcome will deliver the standard staged shots to have printed and put on your wall, and the story of the day will be there to share in an album, book or social media.

Reception Magic
Sharing Their Experience
Dancing the Night Away
The Epic Wedding
The Perfect Wedding

Your Comments

Rachel Wilson - "Fabulous images just like how I like to do weddings x"
Vaishakhi Chhotai Doshi - "Beautifully captured. Good work" via Facebook
James Randolph - "An absolutely brilliant blog post and amazing images you have captured the very essence of what candid photography should be."
Anat Shushan - "Marvelous work Alf! Loved each and every one!" via Facebook
Bernie Blackburn - "BRILLIANT!" Via Facebook
Rob Ditchfield - "Fantastic images and blog Alf very impressive" Via Facebook
Michelle Gallagher - "That’s absolutely gantastic, sheer class!" Via Facebook
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Alf Myers


All images taken and processed by Alf Myers

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