Nuclear Energy Economic Perspective

Nuclear Power Plant

I personally believe that in Ontario in a economic perspective, we should utilize more nuclear energy to produce electricity.

• A lot of jobs are produced to help create with nuclear energy. An example is that to help with the Pickering Nuclear Facility, # of jobs are like 21,000 directly, 10,000 as contractors, and 40,000 indirectly all across Ontario. In Parts K and C of my diagrams, jobs are provided for Radiation protection technicians, reactor operators, senior reactor operators, and etc. For the rest of my labels, they provide jobs for electrical technicians, chemistry technicians, Instrumentation and Control (I&C) Technicians, and Entry-level Engineers.

• Profits are high and cover the cost of everything we invest into this. Back in 2005, the government invested 13.56 billion, and as of today there are 160 billion + profits as of today. Also, we get 1.5 billion government revenue through this, and also 1.2 billion in uranium exports. The whole plant helps create these profits because mainly its the electricity that the government mainly receives its profits from.

• When we invest in research and development programs for this, we help not only our facilities, we also sell the research to another area, and receive profits in those areas as well. The government invest $60 million + into these programs which help's us preserve our money and time. Nuclear programs research into the safety of some of the equipment such as parts G,H, and A.

Real Life Nuclear Facilites



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