Bread of our house By Leo,Andong,Lester

Why bread of our house?

Because we have passion, sacrifice and because we like doing it

These are the machinery we use to make dough.

This machinery name is "SPIRAL". This machine allows the rapid dough. It's built with sturdy and reliable mechanics, allowing a perfect operation the dough becomes soft or hard.

Other machinery as:

Sheeter : it servers the flatten pizza, focaccia, shortcrust, pasta...
Notching: to cut the dough into 37 equal pieces , it serves for bread and pizzette..
Forming: It is used to give a form to the bread as the "mantovane or Filoncini.
Yeast cell: it is used to make the dough to leaven. The dough becomes bread,pizze,focaccie.
Oven: it is used for coocking all the types of bread,pizza,focaccie, and others production.

Our step to make some good bread

1)first step.. This is the dough of bread. It is made with oil,salt,water,flor,yeast and others ingredients...
2) second step after giving it a specific form you put in jail to make it rest and rise
We often prepare this type of bread

Our project:

Here there are little grissins.
Here there are some big grissin..
Theis is the : puff pastry ...
There are a different decorations: roses,flowers,bushes and others ingredients...
Here it is our Open day project

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