Steven Ramold CAS Highlights

We want to congratulate Dr. Steven Ramold on being voted as Washtenaw County's best professor in annual Current Magazine ‘best of’ listings! Dr. Ramold has been part of the EMU community for 15 years! He teaches 19th Century History in the Civil War era, US Military History, and has developed a few courses such as the History of American Sports. Dr. Ramold has written 4 books and is currently starting on the 5th one. Dr. Ramold said, “Why people do things and why they are happening it’s the interesting part.” His first book is on African Americans in the Union Navy during the Civil War, his second book is on the discipline issues in the Northern Union Army, his third book was on Union soldier’s view the Northern Home Front, and his 4th book is about the last 3 months of the civil war. Dr. Ramold’s second book talks about soldiers in the Union Army getting drunk and punching their superiors, among other misbehaviours and why these happened. At the time one else had written about this subject and he decided to wait 10 years to see if anyone writes about misbehaviours from the counterpart, the Confederate Army. Seeing how no one wrote about this counterpart he decided to write his 5th book on this subject. Right now, Dr. Ramold is focusing his research on finding Discipline issues from the Confederate Army. He explained, “I don’t know when that one will come out, but it’s giving me motivation to fill the time here.” Thank you Dr. Steven Ramold for your knowledge, passion and dedication! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS

Dr. Ramold’s Book Titles

Obstinate Heroism: The Confederate Surrenders after Appomattox (University of North Texas Press, 2020).

Across the Divide: Union Soldiers View the Northern Home Front (New York University Press, 2013).

Baring the Iron Hand: Discipline in the Union Army (Northern Illinois University Press, 2009).

Slaves, Sailors, Citizens: African Americans in the Union Navy (Northern Illinois University Press, 2002).

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