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Prints of Your Images

I believe in printing your images! In this digital world images are eventually forgotten or even lost and we want you to have these images for a lifetime and beyond. When you come to your image reveal appointment to see your images there is nothing that compares. You see all the beauty you hold and others see and picking just a few you like is so hard! And if you have images of your kids......oh it's that much harder.

Folio Boxes

We offer beautiful luxury products. We have 3 different folio boxes to choose from in either gray or black. Two of them are handcrafted in Italy and the perfect place preserve your images. You box will be filled with your beautiful images in an 8x10 mat. Your images can remain in them for safe keeping or even swapped out regularly on a small easel. They can be framed and hung on the wall, given to family as a keepsake gift and if you don't buy enough images to fill it from your first session with you you can add to it later! There are multiple options for your images when you purchase one of our folio boxes. One of our boxes has a reveal window and can be stood on a shelf as a frame in and of itself, it is just perfect (and my favorite). All of our boxes hold up to 20 of your matted images and all images you purchase also come digitally with a print release, for the best of both worlds.


If you prefer we also offer designer albums when you purchase 12 or more images. These albums are crafted from distressed leather in your choice of black or brown. They are designed by me (Lisa) and they look, feel and smell absolutely beautiful!

Wall Art

I love wall art! There is nothing that can showcase one of your gorgeous images like a beautiful ornate or modern frame (I love ornate gold!). We also offer stand metal art and acrylic. The choice is totally up to your taste and what you prefer. I put a beautiful image of my daughter in a gorgeous gold frame and I could not be more proud of how beautiful it is. It is a timeless piece and one she will be so happy to have later on.

Whatever you choose, we want you to be 100% happy and satisfied with your choice. Our clients satisfaction is our #1 Goal! If you have already chosen us to photograph you WE THANK YOU! If you haven't.......what are you waiting for?

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Lisa Schwerin

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