1636 connecticut kiara perkins

Thomas hooker and john Haynes were considered the founders of the Connecticut colony.

They founded this colony in 1636.

he died july 7, during "epidemial sickness" in Hartford Connecticut, at the age of 61.

john Haynes

Thomas hooker a Rutan minister,left Massachusetts devout puritan,he advocated the separation religious from politics.

religious freedom in puritan communities did not tolerate other religions.

They lived quiet lives in simple houses. they did not have parties, listen to music or dance.

maild and short summers leading to long and cold winters. less disease than in the winter than the summer.

narrow low lands and hilly eastern up lands. the basic geography of it is mountains wild trees ,rivers,and poor rocky soil that is difficult to to farm in.

also in the east it was hilly,heavily forest, and crisscrossed by narrow valleys.

most jobs were unskilled or low skilled sailors,farm,dock labors, and servants.

major towns were Hartford and new haven.

colonial Connecticut was based on timber products.


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