Darwin Mounds Genius hour

This is a Brisingid Starfish. This kind of Starfish lives on Darwin Mounds. Brisingid Starfish eat by catching crustaceans with the tiny claws on their back.
This is the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. Darwin Mounds was named after him.

Darwin Mounds is located in the North-East Atlantic Ocean near Scotland, Europe.

These are some pictures of the animals that live on Darwin Mounds.
  • Darwin Mounds is made up of 300 mounds.
  • It would be hard to live on Darwin Mounds because it is in such deep water that there would be too much pressure.
  • Darwin Moudns is also in cold water which means that it is even harder to live on them.
This is a map of Darwin Mounds . It shows where the dense parts of the mounds are, and it shows who protects it.

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