Utopia By, rebecka, bella, alexis, and emma.

The Utopia is beautifully made. Every building is designed exactly how the owner wants it. All of the yards are all different and it all depends on what the owner wants. Inside the houses, every room had the color, size, and furniture the owner wants. The streets were paved, has no pot holes, and has nice sidewalks. There is big malls and stores that have everything you could wish for. Everything was perfect here, no one was unhappy and had everything they wanted.

This is what the Utopia would look like.

What would a day in the Utopia look like?

In the Utopia, you would get to do anything and everything you wanted. There was still some rules to keep everyone safe but other than that you could do anything. You were still required to go to school, but school was more fun and you still learned the same. This was the perfect world for everyone, no one was homeless or in poverty, but had a good and happy life.

This is what the old world looks like.

There are still questions about what happened to everyone in the old world. What happened to it? Is everyone alive? Is anyone alive? Did it get better? Did it get worse? Was the old world destroyed? Nobody from this world knows the answer to these questions.

How was the Utopia actually made?

The year was 2025 and Alexa Sira was almost done. Her invention was almost complete, she called it, “The Yoi”. It has been four years since she started making it and now it was here. A time machine to bring you not only to Dystopia and Utopia. Alexa was tired of the normal world, the violence and the peace that was always forgotten. She knew that the if her invention worked, not only could it be used for good but also for bad. She knew all about her machine, knowing there was a Utopia she was okay with, but knowing that the machine could be set on Dystopia with enough hacking is what put her on the edge of her seat. But all she could do was hope for the best. As she put the finishing touches on her machine it starts to vibrate, something was forming. As she backed up she could see a small tiny pastel purple orb floating out of the machine. Alexa walked up to it staring at the orb reaching out to touch it, boom! The time machine was complete, though it was finished she was afraid. What if walking into it that would be the last time she was going to see light? Or what if walking into it was an amazing world, where the only law was to be nice to one another. She took a deep breath in, about to walk in she knew she couldn’t leave without a notice. She stepped away from the machine walking from her lab to her living room. Writing a note she stated how she was leaving and if it was successful that the letter would stay right where she left it. Something seemed off as if someone was watching her. She walked herself back to her lab, deep breath in...GO! Running into the machine everything on her was changed, from her clothing to her hair, even her eyes. Opening her eye she could see a whole world it was colorful but yet different. She could see people for miles, millions and millions. They were all silent for a minute, Alexa smiled. Everyone cheered, finally the utopia they called home had a leader. That night was fine until right when Alexa laid down in her new bed. She fell to sleep for a second. She had thought she forgot something it wasn’t until she was close to falling asleep she remembered, “ZANDER!”.


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