Create a Controlled Visual-Verbal Text 12 ENGLISH


2.6 Create a controlled visual and verbal text - This assessment activity requires you to create a controlled visual text focused on ideas that interest you from a text or area of study this year.

Communicating Ideas Through Images.


Dominant Image

What is the dominant image in this picture?

How does it draw the audiences attention?

Rule of Thirds

Which images fall into the 'thirds' of this static image?


How has the font been chosen to match the ideas on the page?

White Space

How do you feel about this use of white space? Effective or too much?


What symbols do we see here?

Based on the symbols you can see, where do you think this image originates from?

What message is it trying to communicate?


Colour can be used symbolically to communicate an idea


In your book, answer the following questions:

What is the dominant image in this picture? What emotion does the creator hope to evoke?

Why has the creator chosen to use this particular font? What does it represent?

Consider the colours used in this image - what mood do they help to create?

What is the purpose of this image? Do you think it is effective in achieving its purpose? Why/ Why not?

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