Value, Emphasis, and Unity Emma Brandenburg

Double-sided Peacock

My piece of artwork is the Double-sided Peacock. It's a peacock that's black and white on side and colorful on the other. I used value, emphasis, and unity to create this piece. The value is how light or dark something is, and I showed it in the shading of the black and white side. The emphasis is in the feathers, the pink color in the feathers pop and catch your attention, that's what emphasis is supposed to do. The unity are the colors, the blue and different greens blend and make the parts of this piece match. I used pencil on the black and white side and watercolors for the colorful side. I made this piece to show that there are two sides to every situation. Peacocks fan their feathers to impress the girls, my "peacock" has fanned his feathers way too much in the past and it's coming back to haunt him, that's why it's a Peacock. A goal I wanted to achieve making this piece is to make a statement; that every story has two perspectives. I personally, think I have achieved this goal. This piece inspires me to use different techniques and materials for future artworks, like paints and now, I'm not afraid to use pencil. Overall, my final piece is what I envisioned, even though it's a little disorganized, the materials used and technique really look good.


Created with images by rihaij - "horse mold thoroughbred arabian"

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