Mcdonalds v. BK Analysis Alex Yood

Competitor: Burger King

Both of your product is quick + cheap fast food

Meals: Mcdonalds v. BK

Big Mac ($5.69) v. Double Whopper ($5.29)

10 pc. Chicken McNuggets Meal ($6.49) v. Chicken Fries Meal ($5.59)

S.W.O.T Evaluation

S (Mcdonalds): quick, fast, drive-thru, good at creating new items on menu

S (BK): quick, fast, drive-thru, good at reinventing items on menu

W (McDonalds): food is not healthy, quality is poor

W (BK) does not offer all-day Breakfast, food not healthy

O (McDonalds): seasonal and healthy items w/ better quality

O (BK): All-day breakfast, seasonal and healthy items

T (McDonalds): Obesity

T (BK): Obsesity

Assessment: After collecting the data, McDonald's seems to have the edge on BK -- but only because of the All Day breakfast. BK seems to have the edge in terms of developing and reinventing products and price, and if All Day Breakfast is developed, saying relevant with food items becomes that much more crucial. Overall, right now, you have the advantage and better reputation, but BK is just a couple of steps behind from swiping the league.


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