Dragons And Dinosaurs BY:Donovan

CONTRAPTION:device, machine

This is my contraption.


This crocodile is submerged.

MASSIVE:enormous, solid

This is a massive mountain.

EERIE:creepy, weird

This place is really eerie.

ROAMED:wander, travel

He's roaming on some rocks.

OBSTACLES:impediment, barrier

This is a obstacle for the horse.


This bird is elegant.

COMPLICATED:complex, intricate

This is a complicated maze.


Created with images by TeroVesalainen - "smartphone white silver" • skeeze - "alligator head eye" • werner22brigitte - "monument valley arizona usa" • Pexels - "abandoned architecture building" • tshirtevolution - "man jumping tryfan" • pixelia - "horse horseback riding jumping obstacle" • timoschluter - "kingfisher blue plumage" • mizzymac - "maze green labyrinth"

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