FOR THE FRIEND WHO BRINGS COLOR TO YOUR LIFE A Best Friend can be a sister, a cousin, someone you've known for years or someone you recently met...one thing is for sure...they deserve the best

All of Peripeti's fragrances are blended in-house using all-natural + non-toxic ingredients. Each product is handmade + our candle jars are hand-blown glass made in the USA- which make them great gifts for the conscious consumer + your favorite friend

Our Classic Wicks burn for 80+ hours + our fragrances are exclusive + unique...just like that special friend!

Pair a Classic Wick Soy Candle with one of our new ways to reuse the empty candle jar, such as these handmade ceramic floral arrangers, for a no-waste gift under $30! (Works on any containers except our new bees wax)

Check out our Black Friday Specials on our Special Editions

Or give a no-waste floral arranger with one of our crackling Wooden Wicks for a reusable gift under $35

The crackling ambiance of the flame is relaxing + creates a beautiful fireplace ambiance, plus they offer longer burn times + a stronger fragrance throw. It's a unique gift that your friend will love!

For the friend who also has a green thumb include these earth tone + copper macrame's so they can turn their jar into a planter or terrarium after use.

With our Black Friday Special + Paired with our Classic Wick it's a Zero Waste Gift for under $50!

Give your eco-conscious friend the brightness of Peripeti's 100% Organic Bees Wax candle.

The bright, warm flame is soothing + the exclusive fragrances are intoxicating! With long burn times of 65+ hours, it's a gift that will brighten their day again + again while reminding them how much you care each time they light it!

Bees Wax is air purifying + ours comes in two specially designed fragrances that accent the natural sweetness of the bees wax: Amber // Lavender Orange

Shop our Black Friday Specials!

Have a friend that is edgy + a true original?? Hopefully we all do! For this special friend definitely shop the ELEMENTS Collection!

Unisex fragrances inspired by the 5 Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water + Metal in modern black jars with minimal labeling for a unique look that's all about the fragrance!

Shop our Black Friday Specials!

For the friend who is always on the go, give our Room Spray. It's versatile + perfect for a quick freshening up...because it's clean if it smells clean, right??

Use on linens, freshen furniture + curtains, spray on rugs + carpets, use as an air freshener or deodorizer, even in the car + many other ways!

use it as a stocking stuffer or part of a gift basket, it's a gift with many uses!

Pair a Room Spray with our new Handmade Ceramic Scented Ornament for the perfect stocking stuffer!

Get both for under $20 while supplies last!

Do you not get to see your favorite friend as much as you wish?

Give them a gift that will remind them again + again how much you care with our Subscriptions.

Starting at $17.10 with flexible options such as every month, every two months, or prepaid for 3 months...they will think of you each time they light the candle!

Give confidently with gifts that matter. Support all-natural, handmade + small business all in one spot with Peripeti!

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