why do we forget ? Tehya Sepulvado

To forget is to fail to remember

There are two main theories of how people forget


The theory of decaying implies that memories fade over time. You can picture this like the ocean and sand. Someone draws something in the sand, and the rolling waves eventually make the etching fade away.

eventually the message fades away like an old, forgotten message


Next, this theory includes the idea that memories can be blocked by other things in the brain. Therefore, you can not access that moment in time. This time, the wave does not erase the message written in the sand, but another kid comes and writes over it. This makes the writing harder to read.

Writing over this would make both messages hard to decipher


The hippocampus is the part of the brain that deals with making memories, and ultimately forgetting them. The picture below shows you where the hippocampus is located inside the brain.

The blue part is the hippocampus, a part of the brain

"Fuzzy" Memories

Memories become "fuzzy" overtime, slowly fading into oblivion. Sometimes, we can remember certain instances clearly. Like if we've seen a certain item or something of the sort. However, maybe we can not remember exactly where we've seen it before. Have you ever walked into a room and not even remember why you went in it? There is no clear answer to why this happens, but it might be something to do with short term memory. Forgetting can be frustrating, but sometimes, it can be good. For example, forgetting the moment you tried a nasty food would be amazing. On the other hand, forgetting someone's birthday would be the exact opposite.

Over time, most memories will fade, and be replaced with new ones. Whether it's with interference, decay, or something else, forgetting will happen whether you want it to or not.


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