Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Ravin Maheshkumar

Nature on Display: The museum as a whole was a very breathtaking experience. The museum housed a various of cool artifacts which really caught my eye; however, the display that immediately caught my eye when I first walked in was the big skeleton of the Mammoth/Mastodon. Just the mere size of the skeleton was breathtaking and it is crazy to see that such a creature used to exist on the same planet as us today. Since the exhibit was a skeleton of the creature rather than a replica, it helped me better understand the anatomical structure of the creature and see its buildup. The most enjoyable part of the museum visit was definitely seeing the different types of animals that are out there that we aren't exposed to in our everyday lives. Another example, would be the African Bullfrog in the frog exhibit; it was crazy to see how big such a "small" animal can get. It was surprising to see that the frog was as big as a softball!

Me standing in front of the whopping big Mastodon!

Nature and Ethics: I definitely feel as if the museum gave me a heightened sense of wanting to save our land and our culture. A specific part of the museum which touched on this subject was the Native American exhibit. In the native American exhibit, it talked about the loss of the Florida peninsula and how Florida has lost up to 33% of it's original land surface. It showed me that we should appreciate what we have in the present, such as beaches, before one day they will no longer be able to be used anymore. As I walked through the Native American exhibit I was also able to connect with nature since there was this one specific part where I walked across a bridge which was engulfed by an under water experience. It gave me a real life simulation of what it must've felt like to be in a under water system. Overall, I wouldn't say that the experience made me want to go out and try to save the world from pollution and such but I will say that it gave me a better understanding of the problems that the natural world faces due to human existence and I will try my best not to strain the Earth by not polluting and taking care of the area that I live around.

In front of the under water exhibit!

Nature and the Human Spirit: I also connected to the Native American exhibit as a mystical and magical exhibit since it showed me sides of society and nature that I am not familiar with in my daily life. For example, the main exhibit within the are which struck me was the circle in which the Native Americans were shown as performing a religious and spiritual ceremony. It truly took my breath away since I have seen nothing like it within my own religion or even seen it in any modern form of religion. It gave me a heightened sense of appreciation for that religion and culture as a whole and gave me a more open-minded perspective on the different practices people perform around the world. It helped me step out of my ordinary life since in my ordinary life I would not come across anything like that on a daily basis. Overall, it gave me a better understanding of the Native American world and how they praise their natural habitat around them for providing them with food and shelter for their existence and survival.

Standing Alongside the Native American religious ceremony!
Also, enjoyed the lovely butterfly rainforest while I was at the museum!

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