Certified Public Accountant MALLORY HEARD


I want to work for Debbie Pearson LLC, I want to work for her because I like the way she runs her company and the friendly environment you feel as soon as you walk in the door. I also feel I could learn so much from her, allowing me to continue to grow as an employee.


I want to work for an accountant, working up to be a business partner. To start I would do payroll for some companies and as I progress so would me responsibilities. I would get paid about $67,190, to earn this I will need to get a degree Business Management with an emphasis on accounting. Getting that degree is perfect for what I want to do, especially because I will get to go out in the real world and learn through an internship.


I want to work in southern Oregon. I plan to learn the necessary skills to follow my dreams at Southern Oregon University.


Debbie hires when they need staff, this is mostly during tax season. However, if one were to quit she would hire immediately to avoid having an excess amount of work. The hiring process is the same as any business, first send in a resume, interview, and hopefully start working!


Being an accountant interests me because it deals with numbers, I enjoy math and numbers. I also like how this job enables a family lifestyle. This was an obvious choice not only so I can spend time with my family when I’m older but also because I enjoy mathematics.


I think a great way to get a job in the accounting industry is to meet new people who are interested in the same field, allowing yourself to "get your foot in the door". One great way to get your foot in the door is through internships. Through an internship, the employer would already know how you work, after this, a resume and a regular interview would probably be put into place.

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