Deer hunting day 2-2-17 By: Connor Symons

A deer needs to eat about eight pounds of vegetation.
A mamma deer can produce up to 35 baby's in just 7 years.
When a deer senses danger it raises it's tail to warn the other deer around.
Deers antlers fall off every winter and grow back in summer.
A deer at full run can jump a fence as high as 9ft tall.
Like a human, an adult deer has 32 teeth. But has no upper teeth in the front of its mouth.
A full grown white tail deer can weigh 200 plus pounds.
Deer usually fight when a doe is around them and they want to hang out with her so they fight.
Deer have 4 chambered stomachs that allows them to digest tough plant foods.
A deer can swim up to 30 miles per hour.
A deer can eat quickly without much chewing of food.

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