Digital Imaging Elaine clark

My five digital imaging edits using 3 or more photographs per image.

All the small things - my idea shows trying to find that balance between home life with family and work life you have to compromise and find the even balance. With this image I took a photo of my model against a grey backdrop using my home studio where the other models were also photographed. I used the grey backdrop as I find it easier for cut out purposes. I then imported my photographs to photoshop where the editing process would begin. In photoshop I used the select & mask tool to cut out certain parts of an image, for this you select the quick selection tool

And went to select and mask then I selected the part of the image I was going to use. The photographs selected were for a different image but the same process was used.

With the image for all the small things I used multiple cutouts of people to emphasise the having to find an even balance.

Open your eyes photo was taken in my home studio. After my first idea didn't turn out very well I opted to use a mask to highlight the part of the eye I wanted the viewer to focus on. With the photograph being in black & white it draws your eye to the eye in the photograph as it's the only part of the photo that has colour. Here you will see where I had cut out two separate photographs of the person in the image without the eye mask on & pasted them and resized to fit in her eye. After this I turned down the opacity so that they faded in and looked natural.

The last of us was a layer of three separate photographs. One of my model which was taken in my home studio with the use of soft box lighting. A seascape I took on a trip around ayrshire. The other being the castle from Loch Doon. With the image I used the select & mask tool to get a good cut out of my friend. I tend to use this tool a lot. I also used the quick select tool to cut out the view that was originally in the view of the window of the castle. I then layered the castle over the seascape which had to be brightened as it was much darker than the castle and the model. I then changed the image to black & white as I felt it all tied better together.

Photoshop editing options

Colour Adjustment - you need to open the image you need to correct, go into the menu go to Image>adjustments>levels. There you will see a dialog box displaying a diagram of the colours in your image. Which can be seen in the image above this text. The black triangle is for shadows, the grey is for midtones and the white is for highlights. In the channels drop down menu you can choose beetween RGB. These indicate wether your changes effect all of the colours or just one.

Adding Flash - when you take a photograph indoors without a flash they will turn out under exposed and dark. To correct this you need to open the image you need to fix. In the main menu go to Layers>Duplicate. In the next window name the layer, Layer 1. Make sure Layer 1 is selected in the layers pallete. Select image from the menu, select adjustments and select exposure then you adjust the exposure and your whole image will lighten.

Cropping with the marquee tool - first you open the image you want to crop. Select the rectangular marquee tool from the tool box. Click and drag the mouse over your image where you want it to be cropped. In the main menu go to image>crop the image will be imediatly cropped.


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