I Hope

I wish I could say I have a dream, but … I don’t. Dreams don't come true unless you're a which. Wishing is a waste of time, so I hope. I hope one day people wont get shot down for something they are. I hope one day boys can hold hands with boys and girls can hold hands with girls and not get dirty looks for it. I hope on day gay people won't get killed for being gay, bisexual, and/or transgender. In what universe is that ok? It never will be and never should be.

Gays and lesbians are the most untreated, and before you can say “so are bi’s and trans.” I know but let's focus on the gays right now. Okay lets say some one is for gay marriage but doesn't let there kids watch it on T.V because they don’t want there kids to become gay, and some one else says they don’t wont there kids to become black so they don’t turn on the T.V so they don't turn black. It makes no sense. People saying being gay is a choice its like saying you can chose the colour of your skin. Some gay people hate being gay and some kill them selfs because of it. Some gays go to church to say they’ve been cleansed by the lord but there still gay.

“Your just a girl/guy pretending to be bi because you’re a scared lesbian/gay” that is the biggest crap Ive herd in my life. That’s Not not even the worst. Bi’s don’t just get crap from homophobic people they also get crap from gays. Gay people say there greedy and nonexistent. Its sad to see this buts it’s the world we live in and I hate it.

I ran in to a trans guy hanging out with my brother and like an idiot I said finally he’s talking to a girl. Of course I said sorry after he told me, but I still felt bad. It was a simple mistake and I still feel bad . If there is a god why not make them there proper gender. It not that hard after all you’re the crater of everything. No wander I don’t believe in you.

I hope one day I can give all of them a kiss goodnight, because a goodnight kiss puts you to sleep and brings you back to a place of imagination. Thanks for letting me speak, goodnight.


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