My Developmental Diary A Major mile marker roadmap


Look at me, I just grew some fingers and toes. Now I can technically grab stuff etcetera, except I can't, because I'm an embryo.


Fresh out the womb, my eyes aren't too good but I can hear voices and recognize those people who have been talking to me for the past 9 months.


Been here for a while now, crushing those developmental norms. I've been walking independently since I was 10 months old, way ahead of the game. (Norm is 15 months, in case you didn't know).


Puberty sucked, glad that's over. I'm extremely insecure and emotionally unstable. My limbic system is maturing way faster than my frontal lobe so I'm uncontrollably impulsive and quite rebellious (which explains the nose ring).

Old Age

I'm all old and wrinkled now. Having a hard time with this dern new technology.
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