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Beautiful Beginnings - 8 week session from April 16 - June 11 (No class on 5/28)

Schwartz Preschool - 6 week sessions on Mondays from April 23 - June 4 (No class on 5/28) and Wednesdays from May 2 - June 6

The Cambridge School, Ardmore - 8 week session from April 18 - June 6

The Children's Ark at St. George's - 8 week session from April 19 - June 14 (Class in PM on 5/17 and No class on 6/7)

Cedar Tree Childcare - 8 week session from April 6 - May 25

Check out the NKG website for more details. Email NationalKidsGym@gmail.com to Sign Up TODAY!

Liam showing off his forward roll!


For the summer, National Kids Gym will be running an evening gymnastics series! It's at Roots Philly Yoga at 10th and Buttonwood streets. It will be a 10-week summer series on Tuesday evenings from June 12 - August 21 (no class 7/24). Feel free to Drop In for 1 class or sign up for all 10. Make sure to bring your friends!

Entire Series: $130

Drop In: $17

All registration is handled online.

Summer Sessions will continue at Daycares as well, stay tuned for session dates.


Each month, NKG highlights an All-Star Gymnast to be named, "Gymnast of the Month". The chosen gymnast is showcased on Facebook and Instagram all month long. These gymnasts not only show excellent strength and improvement in skill, but they are kind to others in class and have a willingness to learn and grow! We LOVE having these all-stars in class. That is why we want to highlight them to YOU!

Check out some of our past Gymnasts of the Month:

January - AJ from Green Woods Charter School

February - Ashlee from Schwartz Preschool

March - Sienna from Beautiful Beginnings

April - Harry from Children's Ark at St. George's


Scarlett from Villa Maria Academy

Here she is developing the skills needed to perform a back handspring. Here she is working on her back limber on the wedge mat. Scarlett has amazing strength and body control. We're progressing slowly so that she's comfortable each step of the way! Check her out in action.


Are you looking for outdoor activities this Spring? Do your children like to play in the dirt? Want an activity fit for the whole family? Why not, plant a garden! Flowers, vegetables, or even a fairy garden. You and your children will be able to see your progress from start to finish with a garden.


  • Learn about Science and Nature hands-on
  • Dig in the dirt!
  • Planting seeds and watching them grow helps children to develop a sense of purpose and confidence
  • If you plant fruits or vegetables, children can see where their food is coming from - Healthy food for a healthy body
  • Gardening can help relieve stress
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • Planting a garden as a family can increase team building skills

Check out this article for tips about starting a garden with your children: http://www.mykidsadventures.com/kids-gardening/


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