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Still Life Research Image One:

Image By: James Day

During my recent brief we were giving we were to research 10 images and evaluate them. This still life image has been taken by a photographer who goes by the name of James Day. I came across this image when looking through his portfolio on his website ' This image stood out to me because its plain but strong, colours go well, the composition of the pot in the centre and the way the photographer has placed the pot facing the back is the type of style i would do. I believe the photographer has used a soft box to light his product due to the fact that there is light all over the pot and the image is lit really well and theres no harsh light. Looking at the image u can see more light to the left of the image which makes me believe the light has been position to the left hand side. This photographer has took this image to show his still life photography and his skills to an audience through his portfolio displayed on his website. There are no health and safety risks in this image, as long as the photographer set his lighting up correctly and was in a safe environment there is no risks in this photograph.

Still Life Research Image Two:

Image By: Jelena Kostich

Here is a very colourful but interesting Still life image shot by Jelena Kostich, Displayed on the webiste 'Saatchi Art'. This image is different and stands out which is something i wouldn't normally do and thats why it interested me to look more into it. The photographer is very artistic and different and the work keeps you looking at more. This image although its two objects fills the frame well, the composition has been to fill the frame and the objects have been centred making them the main attraction against the bright blue background. This image has been lit from above using a soft box spreading the light all over the products. This image has also been shot from above looking downwards. This is an image that is up for sale so i believe this photographer does work for themselves to sell there work to potential customers and galleries. There is no health and safety risks in this image.

Still Life Research Image Three:

Image By: Marcel Christ

Unique but pretty! This still life image of a mannequin foot with some fish net tights i believe is some sort of retail business work that the photographer has done for someone. the composition of this image has been thought out well positioning the mannequin to the right hand side leaves no open spaces for distraction, you are focused on the product he is trying to sell. With a plain white background used and a soft box for lighting the shot has been lit all over as well as the background and foreground paper. With a slight shadow under the foot gives a interesting look to the photograph. I also like the crop in the photo showing just enough of the mannequin and the tights. I don't believe there is any health and safety issues while taking this image. This image was displayed on the photographers website

Still Life Research Image Four:

Image By: Darren Woolway

This is a still life commercial image shot by Dareen Woolway and is displayed alongside alot of his work on his website . I love the lighting in this image, i have my beliefs that possibly a snoot has been used with a coloured gel, i think this type of lighting has been used because there is a spot of light around the products and not all over. The product has been placed centre of the frame creating good composition. This is an image taken to promote and sell on Lady's perfume, shouting out to ladies to purchase this particular brand. I dont believe there has been any health and safety risks during shooting.

Still Life Research Image Five:

Image By: Louise Hagger

Pretty still life photography is more up by street and while searching still life photographers i came across Louise Hagger and her website where all her work is displayed. This image jumped out at me because of the colours and the composition of the flower, i like how its slanted across the frame the stem leads you to the head and the petals. this image has been shot on what looks like an old piece of crumbled fabric, and i believe to achieve this image she has used natural day light, there is no brightness or any harsh shadows. I believe this photographer just enjoys taking images to show to an audience and possibly building a portfolio. No health and safety issues while shooting.

Still Life Research Image Number Six:

Image By: Madga Indigo

I am so inspired by this still life image of a lily shot by Magda Indigo, This image and many more beautiful still life images of flowers are on her website . Lilys are my favourite flower but thats not the reason why i like this image i just think its a shot that i would personally hang on my wall, the composition is beautiful centred to the frame, also cropped half way up the stem of the flower showing the beautiful detail on the flower which i believe has been lit with a soft box from above showing the detail from the top down. Low key lighting showing just what needs to be shown. i believe this photographer does work to sell on and to display on her website. I don't believe there was any health and safety issues while shooting this image.

Still Life Research Image Number Seven:

Image By: Lorraine Rowland

First time seeing a Food and drink still life photographer while searching photographers led me to Lorraine Rowlands website I liked this photo because of its high key background and the composition of the product centred to the frame with one cookie placed on top of the other. While the photographer has used two soft box lighting techniques it has gave the over image a high key look which makes it really bright leaving the product to stand out completely. i believe the photographer has been eye level with the product while shooting and manaully focusing on the cookie to the right leaving the other one slightly out of focus. I believe this has been a shot for her portfolio and not for a company, possibly a hobby. i dont believe there were any health and safety risks while doing this photoshoot.

Still Life Research Image Number Eight:

Image By: Adrian Burke

Above is a still image shot by Adrian Burke displayed on his website this is an image of a camera placed on a white foreground with a brown background the two colours together give the image alot of potential to stand out. the composition of the shot is good, camera has been placed centre of the frame but sitting with an edge drawing your eyes to the product. I believe a soft box has ben used to light this image giving the whole image light. i think personally although the camera is sitting edgeways the photographer has shot straight on. I think the photographer shoots his images for an audience and to build a portfolio possibly. i don't believe there was any health and safety concerns while shooting.

Still Life Research Image Number Nine:

Image By: DennisPedersen

Here is a different twist to still life photography from all above, this image caught my eye because of the shoe in the glass and how the over all image is just beautiful. I believe the shoe is titled because its a narrow fit within the glass and thats what makes the image interesting, the composition really fits the product well, positioned centre of the frame with the shoe tilted upwards. Although you can see the reflection of the soft box in the image i was aware it was a soft box due to the wide spread of light across the whole image. i don't believe this photographer is marketing his images i think he just likes to be different and puts a twist on his work, however i could be wrong. i don't believe there was any health and safety issues while shooting this product. Image on his website

Still Life Research Image Number Ten:

Image By: Dennis Pedersen

Above is another image by Dennis Pedersen but in a totally different context. This image screamed out to me because it looks so interesting but you know its only soap and a sponge. I love the composition of the image where u are drawn to the sponge which has been placed to the left hand side but has been followed by a trail of soapy water from the sponge. I belive the photographer has took his image on bl,ack glass and created the soapy trail, lighting with a soft box created a full spread of light all over the image. the colours go well and its just a really interesting still life photograph. depending where the photographer took the photographer there could be some health and safety concerns using water if in a studio there for all lighting equipment must be kept clear of the water and cables tucked away neatly, with no more than one person in the studio.


Following our Still Life research we were then to research images taken to advertise certain products and evaluate them. I came across this image and the reason i chose this one is because it took a lot for me to decide if the image worked for the public. I am aware that this photograph has been taken to advertise Beautyrest products which appear to be beds. However when i think of advertising beds i see people sleeping in comfort and being relaxed. This image doesn't do that personally to myself because this image shows more of a happy family in the morning mother and father laughing at the toddler. I believe the image was aimed at an audience of people looking to purchase a new bed however i don't believe this image works for the product. It is visible its the bed thats suppose to be advertised due to the fact that the logo of the company is what you see at the end of the bed, had that not have been there then nobody would be aware of what this image was for.

Paige Anderson HNC Still Life Research 2017

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