how dinosaurs evolved by lucie fortman

dinosars are creachers that lived 1oooooooooooooooooooooo years ago.when the dinosars went extinced dirt rocks and sand coverd them wich mad them form into foslles.a fosil is what happends to a dinosar when it dies when thay died sientists disied to call it prodely took it a coupel years for them to die.they probibly sounded like prr rrr cem and crazy stuff like that.i bet thay sounded very weired like that.i hope you learned somthing new.
a komodo dragon is a lizard that lives thes days. a komodo dragon lives for a long can live up to 30 eats birds and mammals.amagen eating a mamml that woledde dig.a komodo gragon is bone of the largest lizered is a reptil wich menes itsb cold blooded.remember if you ever come acros a komodo dragon de carfulit mite eat you.
now here you are going to learn abuot reptils.reptiles are coled blooed wich menes they need sun or a lamp.if they bont have ether they will bie.reptiles have scales on ther dackwhen you toch te scales they fell coled.crocudiles are big creatures that woled eat you.did you now crocodiles are nown for eating rocks.i hope you learned a lot about dinosaurs komodo dragons and reptiles.


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