The War of the Roses by dylan stafford

The War of Roses came from symbols or badges: The House of Lancaster was a red rose and The House of York was a white .

Above is Henry VI and Edward IV

The reasons behind the war was complex. Both houses clamied to have the right to the English throne as desendents of King Edward III, It didnt help that the current King, Henry VI was mentally sick.

Richard III

Richard III was the brother of Edward IV and he took throne or was king for only two years before he got killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field.

Battle of Bosworth Field

During the battle, Richard III made a charge for Henry. His horse got stuck in a marsh, so Richard started fighting on foot. He fought bravely, but was killed with an axe to the head. Richard’s crown was found in a bush, and Henry Tudor was crowned on the battlefield, Henry VII.

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor

Henry VI defeated Richard III to end the Wars of the Roses in 1487. He is the founder of the house of Tudor.


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