DTC #43: Slow & Steady On the first and third Thursdays of every month the roaring screams of the city's greatest sports fans can be seen, felt, and heard.





Beat the crowds at an industrial happy hour full of the best names in the biz.

Savor the spicy and delicious at the latest iteration of LA's Thai food darling.

Grab a beer and cheer for your favorite turtle at the spot you've driven by for years.

“Sahm” the Thai word for three is indeed the third iteration of the Night + Market saga. A unique brand as a whole each location has their own special dishes. Like this one in Venice with the Langers Pastrami Pad Kee Mao.
Stop 1

Toast to Thursday being the new Friday

• 7pm to 7:45pm •

Buzzing power lines accompany the whoosh of post work Lincoln Ave traffic as you glide into the calm patio of The Lincoln at 7pm on the dot. Being one of the first patrons of the night it’s hard to choose between the house made sangria and cocktails with names like I’m Breaking Up With You First and World’s Best Dad. Cocktail in hand take residence in the industrial sun filled patio and toast to a “week” well done. Within minutes the crowds start pouring in jamming up the bar, the waitress and any spot to rest their loins on. As your drink becomes less full your stomach lets you know its more empty. Disregard any temptation to sample the hotdogs by donation in the corner cause you’ve got some spicy lovin’ ahead.

Stop 2

Let the Thai Spices Take Hold

• 7:45pm til 8:45pm •

“Hurrryyy!”, the inevitable squeal as you questionably dart across the traffic on Lincoln Ave. The light is a half block away but why use caution when some of the best Thai food in the city is calling your name at Night + Market Sahm. The pink, orange and blue color explosion messes with your eyes as you scurry up to the podium. Luckily you ran across the street 20 minutes earlier to put your name in and after a moments notice you’re in your seat, menu in hand, ordering a Singha. More difficult than scoring a quick table here is deciding what you’ll order so inevitably you opt for the “I cant decide so Ill have it all approach”. Chicken wings arrive followed by succulent ribs, a pile of chicken pad see ewe, spicey larb that makes you reach for the oversized water jug over and over again and khao soi to mark the cherry on top. A flavor extravaganza paired elegantly with the eccentric décor and vibes of the servers. And like that it’s over…and in good time because you’ve got some turtle races to get to.

Stop 3

Yes, we said it, turtle races.

• 9pm til you've won •

The few blocks walk in the cool nights air is the perfect post-spice explosion leg stretch before entering the quintessential “I’ve driven by here so many times but never gone” spot Brennan’s. Excitements in the air as beach kids and young professionals alike scratch to get their poison before finding the perfect spot to watch the races. Out back a fury of maniacs circle round a green “track” and cheer for a top hatted man and his scantly clad turtle maidens. If you’ve made it in time to secure a raffle ticket you’re one of the lucky ones. Sneak into position to catch the WWE like introduction of your racers, cheer on your fave named one and sip on beer with your Thursday night crew. And just then a number is called that sound familiar, you look down, and it’s a match! Get in their tiger, you’re up.

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