What makes me laugh and cry. by: Julianna robison

When Ben and Sal kissed it created a really awkward moment that was funny because she did not expect it. Sal's thoughts during and after the kiss were also very funny and were a great addition to that awkward scene.
During dinner at the Finneys' house Phoebe bossed everyone about their cholesterol including Mr and Mrs.Finney. This is funny because Phoebe shouldn't be concerned about her and everyone else's cholesterol. She refused to eat the meal and made the finneys' make her different non-cholesterol food.
When Sal and Phoebe saw Mrs.Cadaver and Mr.Birkway replanting the rhododendron bush Phoebe thought that she was the murderer of her own husband. Phoebe's wild imagination made a sweet person like Mrs.Cadaver seem like a criminal. This is funny because they have no proof and she didn't even know what Mrs.Cadaver was like.
What Made Me Cry
When Sal's mom left and her and her father were depressed it made me tear up. Both of them loved her very much and were not the same without her. To imagine my mom leaving makes want to cry.
It was very sad when Sal went to go visit her mothers grave and had to except the fact that her mother was dead. This made me cry even thinking about any family dying is hard, I cant imagine what it felt like.
The saddest part of the whole book is when gram dies. She was one of my favorite characters so when she died it was so sad. What really made me cry was what gramps says afterward about his gooseberry.


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