cruel and unusual punishment

"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

This law protects American citizens from punishments that aren't fair to their crime.Also this covers the excessive bail clause, it limits powers on the courts of setting bail,such as if a person shoplifts at a store they should be put in jail for life or shouldn't have bail set too 1million dollars. It has to be reasonable to the crime, and also if it is some what in the clients ability to pay the set amount. It was ratified on December 15, 1791, but written in 1789.

England 1681 a man named Titus Oates was found innocent of a crime of then brought to retrial and found guilty of perjury by a judge named Jefferies. Titus got the sentence of a lifetime in prison, he also had to get whipped five days a year through the streets.About three years later he got out and his sentence was called "cruel and illegal". After what had happened this case was then to be out in the Bill of Rights so it wouldn't happen anymore.

This photo is showing that its not cruel for her not to have her phone for three weeks. Also that no court would find it unusual. They would not agree with her because of that. This is an example of the eighth amendment, and how they are determining whether her complaint abut what has happened if a violation of the amendment.

This photo is showing very cruel and unusual punishment of a man. The man saying something is showing that whatever the gentleman being killed has done his punishment shouldn't be that harsh. On the other hand the man killing the "victim" looks very angered and doesn't seem to want to listen to it. No person should be put to the death penalty by that way.

In this photo there is a man is stealing from a bank and he thinks he wont get cruel punishment, but that's a big crime and he would get either a big amount for bail. this is showing that he should get a big punishment. the other photo on the other hand is showing that the police broke the 8th amendment. the men are being killed for stealing bread for their family and its not fair and its cruel. They should just get a fine.

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