Canbury School Newsletter 16th November 2018. issue 141

Dear Parents and Visitors

I'm delighted to bring you news that Show my Homework is now working, please encourage your child to log on using the login sheet they have received this week. There is also a login for parents and an app that you can download. All this information is contained within a letter sent home to parents and carers this week. If you have not received it please contact reception for a copy.

As we all know, Canbury students are busy in and out of school. So I was very impressed to hear about Year 10 student Rosie who within the last year has become a Police Cadet. Rosie took part in a Remembrance Day Service last Sunday, on the 100th anniversary of the WW1 Armistice. Well done Rosie - what a credit you are to yourself, your family and Canbury too.

Mrs Rich paid an eagerly-awaited visit to Canbury this week, bringing baby Arthur to meet us all. As Headmistress I pulled rank and had one of the first cuddles. What a beautiful baby he is!

Baby Rich and his mum. What a treat we had this week!

In other news we've had a wonderful day supporting BBC Children in Need today. I would like to thank everyone for ensuring our students arrived at school in suitable mufti. There was much excitement at lunchtime when we watched a duck race and drew prize winners from the special 'Duck Raffle'. Our photo shows Eugenia, Felix and Faysal drawing out the winners. Big thanks to Mrs Bowen who organised this fun and worthy event. We will bring you the total amount raised next week.

Supporting Children in Need the Canbury way.

Finally, places for our Senior Welcome Morning for current Yr 5 and Yr 6 pupils interested in coming to Canbury in September 2019 and September 2020 are already being booked. Please contact our School Admissions Registrar, Ms L Boggi on lboggi@canburyschool.co.uk if you would like to join us on Wednesday 6th March 2019.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Anders for delivering a very informative talk in tutor time about his interest in making mini animation films.

All of year 7 for their fantastic attitude to collecting like terms in Algebra. Mrs Allen says you were ALL stupendous!

Zac for continual attendance at the KS3 art club (Tuesday lunch time!) and for being such a great helper in the art room and in lessons.

Year 8

True for an amazing week overall, excellent effort, especially in Mathematics.

We have some fantastic outcomes emerging from the Year 8's Graphics projects. Phoebe, I would buy those shoes you designed and Lucas well done for experimenting with different media on your artist's waistcoat design.

Year 9

Year 9, what a fantastic week of Art and Graphics. We started looking at the wonderful work of Tim Burton and some amazing outcomes are already underway. Truly impressive work from Oskar, Evie, Victor and Ellie - you excelled yourselves.

Some great work done in English last week using repetition, sentence fragments and rhetorical questions to create powerful internal monologues for the main character in the book we’re reading together in English, 'Face' by Benjamin Zephaniah.

Old friends reminisce

Mr Orchard was delighted to last week bump into former student Enya who now works full-time at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre. Enya, who is remembered as being always sporty, has been working there for two years now and loves it. Upon realising she would be the on-duty life guard for the Canbury swimming gala, she had a happy conversation about the years she too spent swimming with the school and competing in the same gala occasions. What a charming young lady. You can see from Mr Orchard's face that he was very happy to see a former student flourishing.


Safety goggles in evidence in the Canbury Laboratory this week as Year 7 carried out investigations into acids.

Sixth Form News

Read on for an up date from the Sixth Form, written by Margaux.....

Sixth Form at Canbury is very different this year with all seven of us fully plunged into a wide range of subjects, whether BTEC or other curriculum subjects. These are Art, Travel & Tourism, Children’s Play, Learning and Development, Business Studies and ICT. In addition we have PSHE and sports, and not forgetting work experience for Year 13s, and last but not least, a fair amount of individual study sessions.

All of the above are taking place everyday despite awaiting the arrival of our Sixth Form block. However this means we are able to interact with the other students of the school which always means more laughter and even more opportunities for friendships and of course hard work when needed.

School life in Sixth Form is studious, full of interesting discoveries and just like everything else in Canbury, it’s fun and extremely engaging both inside and out of lessons.

Today we are supporting the BBC's Children in Need charity the Canbury way, which means we all got to come in our home clothes on the condition of donating £2 to the charity. A school day with no uniform always feels slightly more relaxed and is always full of excitement, while still being full of our normal everyday lessons and routines.

Next Friday we are looking forward to a skills trip to London along with our peers from year 11 and two members of staff who are giving up their time to accompany us.

As always we will keep you updated

Your Canbury Sixth Form.

Rosie on Remembrance Day

Rosie on Remembrance Day

I have been a police cadet for nine months now, and have attended some charity events, as well as helping steward a cross county fun run. Last weekend was Remembrance Day, marking 100 years since the end of the First World War. The Woking police cadets marched to the war memorial in the town square, where someone read out the names of the veterans. The Last Post was played, followed by the two minutes silence. After that all the wreath layers had to come forward. I marched up and knelt down, putting the wreath at the base of the memorial. I then took two steps back, saluted and marched back to my unit in the parade.


Meet the member of staff

In which we meet Miss Chorazyczewska, behaviour analyst at Canbury, who has been here for around six years. We learn about her love of working with young people, how she may be found in the corridor doing a cart wheel and how she loves nothing better than being focussed and in the moment.

Loving the cold!

Fast food or slow cooked casserole?

Cooking is not my favourite thing but I like eating healthily so I would say slow cooked casserole. Especially if someone else makes it for me!

Best time saving tip?

Do one thing at a time. Decide how long you are going to spend doing this particular thing, use a timer, and then for this set time direct all you attention on what you are doing.

Once thing you learned in your childhood that you never forgot?

Cartwheels. I did one not long ago and I still have the skill.

Snuggle up on the sofa in front of a roaring fire, or get wrapped up for the winter and head for the great outdoors?

Out exploring.

Wrap up and go and explore. Long walks on a winter’s day can be great. If there is snow, it’s even better. I often feel ‘awake’ and I notice that my attention is less scattered. Also, places are often much more peaceful during cold months and that can be very pleasant. After the outdoor adventures - a hot drink in front of the roaring fire tops the winter experience.

Favourite way to relax?

I listen to music and I dance. When I do, I feel that I am ‘present’ in each moment and that helps with experiencing life more fully. I also think that dance and music connects people and feeling ‘connected’ often allows me to experience happiness.

That’s not a Kingston accent, where are you from?

Poland, a small place near Wroclaw. I came for a year in 2004 for one year, but then decided to start University in London and have stayed!

How did you get into your career?

Secondary school, when I was 15, I attended extracurricular wellbeing/psychology classes. I loved those sessions; I found them very interesting and they had a great and positive impact on my life. From that point on I knew I wanted to be a psychologist and that I wanted to work with people.

Thing you would tell your 14 year old self?

Your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own. So look after it and celebrate it: dance, walk, jump, sit, learn. Figure out what you care about and care about it; go and do.

What would you look for in your ideal partner?

Having a passion, being open-minded, being compassionate, ambitious, and confident in their own skin. A sense of humour would be good too and giving me presents, often. And in addition, since I love travelling, they would need to have an up-to-date passport to come with me.

A sense of humour is crucial for Miss Chorazyczewska.

What thing would you change about Canbury if you could?

I feel that Canbury is at the highest point in Kingston. I cycle up this hill, so, you know….





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