Story of Andy Jared Berger

His name was Andy, he had excess wealth and money. He was a good man and went to church every Sunday. He had a good group of friends.

Andy traveled to Chicago for vacation in November and got to tour the Chicago Bears locker room and the vistors one too!

When Andy got to the locker room he met football player Russel Wilson and Mr. Wilson told him a story of how there were people less unfortunate than him. Andy told him he's gonna devote his life to help them because that's God wants.

This put a eternal smile on him that would be contagious to all the people that he would help

He saw two men playing buckets on the streets of Chicago and he donated all the money he had in his wallet to make sure they would be warm for the winter coming ahead, the money would total $3,456

The men bought buckets and became the world renowned bucket boys The best bucket drummer in Chicago
Andy set out on a mission to give up everything and live like that people less fortunate. He' spent 3 years as a hermit and saw the true poverty these people went through. This was the last photo taken of him before his departure

These people didn't have not only the money to live a good life , but some where missing the spirit and others were missing the God. Andy became a preacher for this area and is considered to be a great man.

The first picture Andy took of himself after coming back from his three year mission. He went back to his life but still remains active in the slums of Chicago and takes trips often to even poorer cities in America preaching and donating 98% of his profits
Andy's group of friends with the first two men he helped on the streets
These group of people would be known as the AALF "Andys Assistants to the Less Fourtanate"
Andys best friends during his last meal with them. Little did he know they would join him in this great journey.
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Jared Berger

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