Creating Meaningful Connections La casa & sherwin-williams

This May, Armando Guzman, Sherwin-Williams Sales Representative, stopped by the Community Foundation with one simple question. He wanted to know if we were aware of any nonprofit organizations that could use some new paint. Every year, the company reaches out to local nonprofits to offer assistance in refreshing their facility during National Painting Week.

Because of the relationships we've built with our nonprofit partners - the answer was yes. We were aware that La Casa, a local nonprofit organization that specializes in domestic violence emergency shelter relief and comprehensive services to help families living with violence, was in fact looking for volunteers to help with giving their building a fresh feel, something warm and welcoming for their clients. While Sherwin-Williams typically does exterior paint jobs during National Painting Week, they were willing to make an exception for this special cause by painting both inside and outside the facility.

"Overall, it feels good to know that Sherwin-Williams not only helped La Casa, but will positively impact Las Crucens who are or will one day be clients and spend time in their facility," shared Guzman. "Without the Community Foundation, I wouldn't have found a nonprofit to assist - they were able to step in and be a huge help in the process."

The Community Foundation is committed to building relationships and helping our partners find the resources they need to thrive.

"The project itself has brought new life to our Shelter," shared Theresa Armendariz, La Casa Executive Director. "There has been a boost in morale and it has created an overall sense of unity."

Armendariz expressed how fleeing to a shelter can be difficult in and of itself, so their team is dedicated to creating a calm and peaceful environment to make that transition less frightening.

"The finished product is incredible," continued Armendariz. "It is amazing what a little color can do to not only brighten up an area but the spirits of others."

The most significant impact of this project is that a space was created where current and future residents not only are safe but FEEL safe. The revamped facility will allow these individuals to feel at home as they work to heal from the trauma they've experienced.

"As a Community Foundation agency endowment holder, La Casa has received benefits beyond financial support," concluded Armendariz. "The networking and training opportunities are invaluable and we would strongly encourage any nonprofit to establish a relationship with the Community Foundation."

To learn more about the Community Foundation and becoming a nonprofit agency endowment holder, contact Terra Winter at

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