My Experiences with Technology Sabrina M. James

Over the years technology has really evolved. Growing up I remember the bulky, brick phones people would carry around, or the huge dinosaur computers in school.

My first experience with technology was in elementary school. Learning the basics of a computer such as figuring out how to power it on/off, access different programs we were working with, etc. The first program I was introduced to was the typing programs we would work with to help enhance our typing skills.

When I was in the 5th grade, my parents decided to give me my first cellphone. My first cellphone was similar to the one in the background. It was a silver samsung flip phone which was limited to only basic games, calling and texting. This was my most memorable experience with technology because I thought it was so cool to have a cellphone of my own. Before I had my own cellphone I would ask my parents to use theres so I could play the game "Snake" which seemed to be popular back then.

When my parents decided to give me a cellphone they made sure to explain that it was for emergencies only, considering we didn't have unlimited texting then and we only had free minutes after 9pm. Since I wasn't allowed to do much on my phone, I would just play games or mess around with my phone to figure out how to use it and what it could all do.

Another memorable experience with technology was when I was 13 years old and entered the social media world. I got my first social media account with MySpace.

Once I got my own social media account, it was like a whole new world. Before I got my account I was only familiar with different programs you would work with in school or game sites. But once I got my own social media account I had to learn how to upload pictures, posts, design my own profile and figure out how to communicate with my friends through messenger. This was a little difficult for me to navigate through at first because I had no idea how to use it, but I knew I wanted it because all of my other friends had one. My older sister's would offer little to no guidance because they were tired of me asking for help all the time, so I had to teach myself or ask for friends for help.

Finally, one of the most difficult encounter's I've had with technology was trying to teach my dad how to use the newest technology. I had to learn to be very patient with my dad because he was never a tech savy person. If he needed help with technology he would either ask me or my brother. We would have to teach him how to set up email accounts, social media accounts, and how to work the internet, etc. Since you need an email for just about everything online, it was very common that we would be recreating my dad new emails because we would forget where we wrote down his email and password. This became very frustrating along with constantly having to walk him through the basics of using the internet. Especially because when we would search something in the web address bar he would expect whatever he was searching for to pop up and not expect there to be a list of websites to choose from. it took awhile to teach him how to use computers compared to teaching him how to use his cellphone.


For my title page I decided to google a "technology" and this was one of the photos that showed up. I chose to use this picture as my title page because it starts off my story about my experiences with technology.

For the background of my introduction, I decided to google a "the evolution of technology," and this was one of the photos that popped up. I chose this image to help give my readers a visual of how much technology has evolved since I was younger. Growing up I've used a majority of these devices either inside or outside of school.

This was another image I used for the introduction of my narrative. I got this image from google to help my readers get a visual of how much technology has changed over the years. I felt that this image was appropriate to include into my narrative because it shows the different cellphone deices I've used in the past.

This was the last image I used to back my introduction to my narrative. I googled "Type2Learn" because this was one of the programs my elementary school introduced us to. They introduced us to different programs to help us learn the basics of the computer and keyboard.

The image of a Samsung flip phone fit within my narrative because it is the same kind of cellphone I was first given in the fifth grade. I chose to include this picture to illustrate the types of phones that were available ten years ago. As you can see, touch phones were not a thing back then just yet. Phones then were very basic that were mainly useful for just texting and calling. Cellphones did not include as much as they do today, there was not much you could do with your phone at the time because technology was still in its early stages.

I chose to include this image of the game "Snake" into my narrative because it gives my readers a visual of the types of games I used to play on my cellphone, compared to now. Cellphones did not have as many games to choose from compared to today, we have a number of apps to use to play different kind of games on our cellphones.

For my next experience, I chose to include a background image of the internet. I googled "internet" and this image popped up. I decided to go with this image to illustrate my experience with the web.

An image of the creator’s MySpace page fits in with my narrative because this is where I explained my first experience with a social media account. MySpace was the first social media website that I used back in my teenage days. The picture of the profile seems pretty straight forward and basic but when I was introduced to social media I had to learn to copy/paste, and insert information to customize my own profile. It was a learning experience but with the help of my friends I eventually got a hang of it. Even today, social media websites are constantly being introduced such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc.

For my last experience of technology I decided to choose this image as the background. I thought this image could help give my readers a visual of the different devices I had to help my dad use throughout the years. Whenever there is new technology, I am usually the one my dad calls whether it involves the computer, laptop, cellphone, etc.

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