The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Sabrina Grivas

The Spatial Experience

Me outside the theatre

When I first walked into the building I saw other good life students waiting outside. I didn't know if we were allowed in or not because everyone was crowded outside. I was excited yet nervous to see the play. So I waited, then decided to have someone take a picture of me outside of the theatre. After I walked inside to see the play.

My view

This was my view of the stage. I was pretty excited to get a close seat in the middle. This helped me pay close attention to the play. The size of the auditorium was a decent size. Perfect for small plays like this one.

Me in the theatre

This is me waiting for the rest of the audience to show up. Finally, when everyone got there the lights dimmed and I was excited to see what this play was about.

Where you are has an affect on your journey to find the good life. If you are in a happy environment and making good memories, than this can bring you joy and harmony within you. Putting yourself in quality situations can make you a better person and lead you to do good things in life.

The Social Experience

People leaving as the play ended

From the pictures above, if you couldn't tell, I went by myself. I would've loved to go with some friends but all of them went to a different time then me, so I was stuck alone. I got ready for the play probably 30 minutes before to give me time to drive there. I think that if I went with friends it would've been a more enjoyable experience. I would have people to talk to before, during, and after the play. I wish I could've had the chance to say what I thought about the play to my friends.

Sharing your experiences with people can help you find enlightenment. You get the opportunity to make memories with your friends that you are able to look back on and talk about. Sometimes your friends can invite you to new experiences where you either decide you liked it or not. This helps you find what is good in life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The program for the play

This play takes place in Quebec City, 1908. The central issue addressed in the play was the treatment of people. We saw this when we learned about the poor treatment of the factory women, Talbot's time at his old school where he was abused, and even the way Bernhardt is treated like a goddess. Before coming to this play, I had no idea what it was about. I didn't know the subject matter, I've never even heard of the play before. I think that the play definitely changed my views about the way people treat others. It made me realize that we all have troubles and that we shouldn't judge others cause we may not be aware of these. We need to start treating people respect, equality, and fairness. Everyone deserves it. The play had a relationship to my life in high school. There were people who were favored and people who were disliked because of the way they looked. I tried my best to treat everyone I knew with respect, but I knew that others didn't have the same mindset.

The Emotional Experience

Thought provoked me after watching in the play

Katharsis, Greek word for process of “coming clean.” The play provides us an opportunity for Katharsis because it addresses the importance of human treatment and how we can forget about it. After watching this play, you see how people are treated differently, some badly, and want there to be a change. You realize that this is going on in our world today and it should be stopped. We can try to come clean and hope to better ourselves. This includes the way we treat people. Once we realize that we sometimes disrespect people, we try to find a way to change. The Divine calls us to be fair to everyone and never overlook someone based on their social status, what they look like, or how much money they own.


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