Mississauga 2.0 Energy and Water

Water and energy are essentials that a city must have and Mississauga will have different methods of how they achieve these assets in Mississauga 2.0 than to how they achieve them now. Water and energy are two very high in demand resources in the world and to acquire energy, large amounts of fresh water and other resources are used which create pollution. This can easily be solved if they replaced power plants and nuclear plants with solar panels and/or wind turbines because with these changes there would not be as much pollution or a risk of a nuclear meltdown.

If anything were to happen to water and/or energy, it could affect us drastically like the blackout issue that occurred in North America in 2003 which lasted for one week. The electrical companies responsible came to a conclusion that it was because of the high demand of energy which lead to 2000-4000 megawatts surging through Ontario, New York, Michigan frying and collapsing the entire power system. The blackout affected more than 50 million people. There has been a case in May of 2000 that involved water contamination in Walkerton Ontario where E. coli was found in the community's drinking water supply. In this case, the contamination was caused because of bacteria being washed up into one of the towns wells and infecting the supply.

This can and still be an issue to Mississauga if it happens again. Most of the things we use depend on energy, like houses, buildings, computers, traffic lights, they all require energy to function. If it does happen again we wouldn't be able to use electrical heating or cooling, traffic lights, etc. We can easily prevent this by checking the maximum amount of energy a transmission line or solar panel can take at once, and make sure not to ever exceed that limit. Continuous monitoring transmission lines.

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