Big Project is DONE! So now we have like three more -_-

My Boy Christopher Stuart will assign the projects man, goodness. So the main Habit of Mind here is reflection, and it's alright to do so because there was a lot of effort in these past few weeks and then of course Spring Break so there's a chunk to talk about.

Nice Thumb

So that huge project I kept talking about, it's over. I finished it and I'm pretty happy with it. I included many different editing techniques and tools in the video I used, and I wish it was a tad longer only because I still had to write over 1000 words on the paper. I feel that I wrote well on the essay in addition to making a very good video so I am pleased. It feels great to have that weight off of my shoulders and I know my classmates feel the same. With that being said...


We just get assigned more work!!!!!! I'm not complaining about work in general because staying busy is very healthy, but three more projects before the end of the semester?! Come on fam! What's frustrating about it is that there is so much about Minecraft in the projects and I cannot get Minecraft to work. I will be heading home at some point and using my xbox version to do this though so no excuses yet!


Spring Break was amazing and it was much needed. I miss it a tad more than I should ;(. I did not sleep a whole lot, I actually wouldn't sleep more than 7 and a half hours. I could have and part of me wanted to, but I just felt like doing things. Some people want to make up for missed sleep during break and I did take naps, but It's not in my nature to sleep really late because I just feel really bad about wasting so much time. I went to Charleston with my girlfriend and it was too cold to swim but the food was really good. I visited home back in Greenville and played some video games. I did a good bit of homework because teachers are relentless with work.



I'm using a video I just finished for guess what, another class because teachers keep assigning projects. It's college though..


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