George Washington By; mya metz

Some of Washington's past experiences that make him a good leader would include he immediately gathers supplies to train the army when they needed it. He was the commander of the Continental Army. Trained troops against the Whiskey Rebellion. Also helped out with the Bill of Rights and Residence Act. Helped the Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton's federalist financial plans, including a national bank and a tax on whiskey.

Washington's cabinet is experienced because they all worked with him at least once. So the Secretary of war ( Henry Knox ) will help washington by keeping in charge of the army for country defense. Thomas Jefferson ( Secretary of State ) will work with other countries. Alexander Hamilton is the manger of the government's money which means his the Secretary of Treasury. Lasty Edmund Randolph which is the Attorney General who is in charge to advise the government on legal matters.

Jefferson and Hamilton were good cabinet picks because for one thing Jefferson was nice and good at convincing people so he could get his way. He was also a good speaker and very persuasive. So that's why he got picked as "Secretary of State " because he gets to work with other countries. Like i said before he's good at convincing people and getting his way. Hamilton was put as " Manager of Governments money " but he was good at getting his point across but was very disrespectful at sometimes. So you could imagine or assume a handful of people were a tad bit afraid of him.

The "Elastic Clause" is vital for the country because as you know when George Washington and Alexander Hamilton work together they come up with the best ideas so why wouldn't it be a good idea ? But it gives the constitution to do whatever is necessary. Hamilton wanted to build a bank , but the people didn't like it. But was it really the people's decision ? They wanted the bank so they could help their town out. So that's when the elastic clause came in and they did whatever was necessary.

Washington and Hamilton will work to get us out of debt by building the national bank its like every time you put something in the bank gets something back. So you could put in 100 dollars and the bank would get 50 dollars back. As you continue and continue to use this national bank you'll give the bank money so they can pay off their debts and the state can give us as people better things.

D.C is a good location for the capital of the U.S because that's kinda where it all started. Its close to all the states we have now. Plus there are a lot of sights to see and visit in Washington so why not put that there too. Also George Washington name does have Washington in the last part of it.

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