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Location Details

Map showing exactly where Madison is exactly located.

Place's Location

Madison is located in the United States. To be more specific it is in the county of Dane in Wisconsin. Madison is also 75 miles away from another pretty well-known city, Milwaukee.


Madison is more so towards the North, making it a colder place to live in depending on the seasons. The average temperature for Winter is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Now it's not always cold and it can be pretty hot during the summer. The average temperature for summer is usually 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Historic map of Madison in 1885.

Madison started in 1829, and at that time Wisconsin was looking for a permanent capital. The name was created by James Doty, after James Madison, a president, who had not that long ago died. The streets in Madison were also named after 39 people who signed the constitution.


Pictures of what most people enjoy to do/watch in Madison.

People who live in Madison seem to really enjoy sports. Whether it's Volleyball, Football, Hockey, or Basketball, all of them have a big fan base. Some people don't live in Madison or even Wisconsin and are still fans of them. But that isn't all they enjoy. During winter months, they enjoy ice skating, hockey (as said before), ice fishing, etc. When it comes to summer they enjoy bicycling, hiking, sailing, etc. They really enjoy going outside.

Interesting Facts

1) Madison has a nickname of "The City of Four Lakes". (Note these are not the great lakes.)

The four lakes that surround Madison.

2)No buildings can be built taller than the state capital in Madison. This is because they want the capital to be seen in the city above all buildings.

Madison's/ Wisconsin's capital

3) Since bicycling is some what big around Madison, they have long paths just for bicyclists.

Example of bicycle paths


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