Learning Objective #2 Time Management Self-study

Semester Plan

The Big Picture

Weekly Plan

Daily Plan

Everyday To-Do's in order of importance for that day

Detailed time record - Day 1

Journal- February 20, 2017: I would say today was a success. I followed my plan with little exception. The only interruptions were to be expected. I did not follow my plan when I decided to check up on my social media at 12:15 today. I deviated from my plan because I had to keep up with my Instagram and snapchat; I would say I check on a normal amount. I also checked it again at around four, after my class ended. I had a pretty boring day, but a typical school day. Mondays are my longest days starting at eight a.m. and not ending till seven p.m. This is why I deviated from my plan seven. According to my weekly schedule I originally planned to eat dinner at seven, but after coming in from a long day at school my bed looked more appetizing. Hence why I did not stick with the original plan. I instead made my dinner, chicken and asparagus, at eight.

Detailed Time Record - day 2

Journal - February 22, 2017: Another successful day in the books. I stuck with my plan for the majority of the day only deviating four times! I would say that is pretty good. I deviated during a break between my two classes this morning to check up on my social media. I needed to see what was happening in the Instagram and Facebook world; also felt like enjoying some tasty videos on Facebook. I then went back to continuing with my plan until after my last class deciding to check up on Facebook again. Then I again deviated from my plan around four forty five when I need a little Starbucks to save me from my afternoon slump and power through the last of homework. I had a great workout followed by some Netflix, that was not planned. I enjoyed my down time though before whipping up some fajita veggies for dinner. Dinner was followed by reading for my psych 3090 class. I ended the day on a happy note with Netflix and bed by eleven.

Detailed time record - Day 3

Journal - February 22, 2017: Today is my final day of keeping a detailed time record and journaling through out my day. I started my day on time at 8:00 and ate eggs for breakfast. I continued to stay on track this morning as I went to class at ten and then the library after with lunch at Starbucks. I then broke away from my plan as I decided to check Facebook around eleven thirty because I needed a little break from school work. I then went back to my plan reviewing my notes from class this morning and doing my homework. I kept according to plan as I went on to Nutrition and back to the library. I then broke my plan when I decided to get a little afternoon stack, hummus, and catch up on my social media while I enjoyed it. It was back to school work after that reading for philosophy and then going to philosophy. After class I would usually go home, but since I had ritual review at eight thirty I went back to the library. After ritual review I went home to have a very late dinner and watch my favorite show on Netflix. I made it in bed by eleven after a very long day.


I throughly enjoyed producing this exhibit. It is really allowed me to improve my time-management skills. After going through and writing all my important dates in my calendar I immedatily felt better about my semester. I have used the weekly planner on multiple occasions now, especially when I have a stressful week ahead of me. It really helped me to get on top of my school work this semester. After filling out my detailed time record I was able to see I stick with my plan most of the time. I spent the majority of my time in quadrant 2. I was very proud of myself for this. I spent a small portion of my time in quadrant 4, and this is to be expected. In today's society social media is very prevalent, so I am not surprised every once in a while I would check it out. I could have planned this out, so I would have spent all my time in quadrant 2. I enjoyed journaling about my day, it gave me time to reflect. I have continued to do this on most days, unless I am just too tired. I believe it has helped reduce my stress level. As you can see I spent 80% of my time in quadrant 2, represented by the blue. I spent 20% of my time in quadrant 4, represted by the red. I would like it if I spent all my days like this because I would be very productive, and that is a new goal of mine.

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