Impact Journey observations part one

A warm thank you to Michael Collan who led the documentation of a great journey in Ragunda, Sweden.

We had the pleasure of spending a few days with Peter Ladan as our guide on our journey in Ragunda, Sweden, where he took the time to introduce us to local entrepreneurs, as well as enabling us to experience the natural beauty of the area.

The meaning of this was to get new views, tips and ideas to help Ragunda navigate into the future.

First off we visited the Jamtli museum in Östersund. There is so much interesting material to see.

The 1 000-year-old Överhogdal tapestries

Döda Fallet

We visited the Döda Fallet (the dead falls) canyon site of a big catastrophe in 1796 when the Ragundasjön lake was emptired in a few hours. The history is quite interesting and there are many aspects as we were told about by the Chief Archaeologist of Jamtli Museum such as the history, the geography, nature, nature impact, politics and so on. Other people were Anders Hansson and Patrik Andersson (Jamtli), Carina Landin & Göran Landström.

There is a nice tourist office and a café, a stairs to see the actual canyon. Above it a big revolving theatre.

The presentation onsite could maybe be easier to access. The matter is of course complex, which makes it a little hard to grasp quickly. I actually thought about a special-effects film to make it even more dramatic for new visitors.

Ragunda would like to see more tourists and has this great attraction, the dodafallet.se is an interesting website with a lot of information.

Jämtland delicacies at Döda Fallet

Ammeråns Fiskecamp

At Ammeråns Fiskecamp we had a chance to try the inflatable canoes that were rented there. A nice view of the river and some nice food.

We were introduced by Birger Ajax to fishing on the river, how Ammerån works and who visit. They have many returning customers from around the world. Activities include fishing courses, moose, bear and a beaver safaris, sauna and small game hunting.

This is another existing site with good service. Getting more tourists and groups to visit seems the priority. There are huts and camping possibilities. Fishing permits are sold to tourtists. Maybe it could be marketed even more efficiently together with other attractions over the web and social media.

Mattias Sundin, Birger Ajax and Britt Strandler (Ammeråns Fiskecamp), Ulrika Strandler & Jiri Sarnek and children Ted and Tim made us feel welcome. Thank you.

Agreeable premises

Hotell Hammarstrand

Hotell Hammarstrand with Carola Nilsson and her kitchen staff is located centrally, is attractive and has modern facilities for conferencing and meetings.

Many possible activities

Zorb Adventure Center

Lars and Carl-Göran Söder welcomed us at the adventure and conference park Zorb Center in Döviken with sauna, amazing grilled “Kolbulle” and a test of the Zipline, traveling through the woods hanging by a wire. They offer conference premises, many adventure activities; zorbing (a huge transparent rubber ball to roll around in), offroad driving, boating, canoeing, fishing, winter activities et cetera.

Many visitors come to experience it and to arrange events of various kinds. The challenge is to keep offering interesting activities and maybe also more service in the fields of living and food.

Zorb needs to grow and continue with events and activities to survive. Winters are getting warmer so maybe gastronomy and conferencing are areas to explore. There is also a beautiful lake that could be used more.

The band Landstrom

Åbackens Camping

Majvor Zetterström and family met us at Åbackens camping and played beautiful music of the band Landstrom in the attic of the barn that was converted to a stage/club. Åbacke also offers WLAN, electricity, boat rental, huts for the night, fishing and adventure activities.

The challenge here is to grow and find more customers. The answers are more activities, concerts, social media and internet.

Lergodset youth Hostel


Lergodset is a youth hostel in Hammarstrand and we spent a night there in a nice room and get received in a very friendly way by proprietor Lieneke Luijt & husband Koos. Sauna, breakfast, biking and walks are offered. It is also possible to rent the whole hostel including kitchen for groups.

The challenge here is to grow and find more customers. There is a website at http://www.lergodset.se/

Per Bergvall is a good host

Ragunda Hembygdsförening

We had a nice breakfast at the Ragunda Hembygdsförening, which is an association of volunteers taking care of and using the original real estate of Pålgård with many activities for locals and tourists.

There is a café and indoors minigolf available as well as exhibitions of historical environments complete with tools, furniture, clothes and many other things. We were welcomed and entertained by Ulrika Thalén, Eva Engström and Per and Erika Bergvall.

I believe that the activities could be enhanced using aven more historically correct costumes and paraphernalia. This is of course up to the volunteers. The Ragunda municipality and community is heavily involved and very active as the membership rate is over 500 persons. The challenge here is to administrate, keep receiving groups, tourists et cetera and to take care of the properties and things.

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