street walk nº 1 spain (mallorca), march 29th - 31st 2019

I have been doing streetfotography for quite a while without knowing or feeling that this kind of catching up moments in the street is called streetfotography. The following photo changed this forever:

photo: jfk, stockholm 2017

taken in december 2017 in Stockholm ...well, there are better photos … meanwhile even taken by me: better decisive moment, more composition, more balanced crafted but there is no other more important for myself. I remember very well the heartbeat, the adrenaline running through my venes when I decided to conserve the street scene in Slussen in one picture. I loved the mood. I wanted to take this very moment in black and white. Then I saw this man coming down the street, moving towards me and here it was … the moment: only 2 seconds. He is giving the story to the picture. If he realizes me, what will happen? How should I react? My own thoughts running with the adrenaline through my body. Splash ... taken, the picture!

Why I am telling all this here? Ever since I am addicted to street … my personal development goes along with the photos & my heart is beating in the streets & beside the personal success there is this international recognition with my street photos. In November 2018 I founded the street group streetlife in facebook with actually 400 members from all over the world showing their fantastic work.

horst, jürgen, martina & nicole; photo:jfk

Bernadett Yedouh, Nicole Ilbertz, Horst Frommont, Jürgen Pösse are members of this group and together they followed my invitation, disregarding the costs and efforts it takes to travel to Mallorca and trust in me … they are no beginners, experienced in photo walks and some know each other personally. In theory I am the newcomer! But I proceeded as if I would go to the markets and buy the ingredients for a cooking class … only difference: other content & focus.This in advance: it was like fantastic! We shared a time together that was out of the ordinary … and lots and lots of fun, great pics and three long nights with great food, prepared by Frau Otten and me.Thats how to make real friends.

We talked a lot about photography and especially street photography but our conversations went far beyond that … we did not only take perfect pics during these days but also broadend our personal horizons: The results of each of us reflect exactly the personality of each of us. With some pics we took same motives … but each of them is different. Not only because of different equipment. The proceeding, the view … for sure the observer of the pic does not realise this but I learned that there is another dimension in these photos: it is the dimension of the photographer him/herself. His/her thoughts while taking the photo. His/her intention. And yet there is another parallel to real life: not to judge. Let things happen, receive people where they are, open up to others in pure confidence. For me it is a privilege to enter into the privacy zone of other people … this is a very precious moment.

The next street walk here on Mallorca is already in my mind …

my heart already beating!

nicole ilbertz; photo: jfk
photos: nicole ilbertz
horst frommont; photo: nicole
photos: horst frommont
bernadett yehdou; photo: jfk
photos: bernadett yehdou
jürgen pösse; photo: jürgen
photos: jürgen pösse
jens f. kruse (jfk), photo: nicole
photos: jfk

idea & concept: jfk ... c/convent 31, 07200 felanitx/balears, spain

photo: frau otten

streetphotos selection by bernadett yehdou, nicole ilbertz, jürgen pösse, horst frommont & jens f. kruse (jfk) with courtesy of the photographers

streetlife members ... we are streetlifer!


many thanks to all the streeters for coming to the island & our home & for your fantastic pictures ... great thanks to frau otten for all your work & for the english translation & to martina: thanks that you was with us! see you soon ...

© jfk , 8. april 2019

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jfk kruse


by the photographer

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