Alexander Hamilton Founding Father

Early Life

Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11,1755 in Charlestown on the island of Nevis in the west Indies. But most of his early life was spent in Christiansted, the main city on St. Croix, a nearby island. Alexander was a very healthy and active young boy. At the age of 3 he was already learning to read and write. When Alexander was about 11 years old, his father moved to a nearby island to live alone, Hamilton never saw his father again. Soon after, Alexander and his mom got sick, Alexander slowly recovered while his mother died at the age of 39. Alexander's mother had left nothing for him and his brother so his mother's nephew gave them a place to live for the time being.

The birthplace of Alexander Hamilton


One of Alexander Hamilton's greatest accomplishments was when he became a captain in the continental army, the main military force formed by the different colonies. Another accomplishment was when George Washington noticed Alexanders quick thinking and bravery during a battle. Washington need help governing the continental army so he chose Alexander to help him. Alexander wrote reports and letters for Washington.

The Final Years

In Alexanders final, years his old enemy, Thomas Jefferson and his new enemy Aaron Burr were both trying to become president. But since Aaron Burr was his new enemy, Alexander gave his support to Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton wrote to Oliver Wolcott Jr. "Jefferson is to be preferred, he is by far not so dangerous a man and he has pretensions." But for Burr Hamilton wrote, "There is nothing in his favor." Alexander believed that Aaron Burr only wanted wealth and and power. At the end of the election Aaron Burr lost. Burr blamed Alexander for his defeat in 1804. Much later, Burr learned about what Alexander had said about him during the election. Because of this, Burr challenged Alexander to a gun duel.

July 11, 1804

On this day, Alexander rowed across the Hudson river to Weehawken to start the duel. Burr and Hamilton stood 10 paces apart with their pistols loaded. Hamilton did not shoot when the bystander gave the command to fire because he did not want to kill Burr. Because of this Aaron shot the gun and with one fatal shot Hamilton was wounded. Hamilton later then died at the age of 49 on the afternoon of July 12, 1804 with his wife at his side.

The guns that were used in the duel


I think that Alexander Hamilton was a great person because he helped shape America with George Washington. But he did say some bad things about Aaron Burr which eventually led to his death. But most of his life was spent doing great things for our country and our people.



Active, smart, brave

husband of Elizabeth Schuyler, father of Philip Hamilton

Who loved Freedom, executing orders

Who had love for his family, hatred for Aaron Burr, love for his country

Who was scared when his mother died, frightened when he was abandoned, Nervous to go to college

Who became captain of an army

Who wanted to see a country without war

Born in Charlestown, lived in Christiansted



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