The Civil War Three Battles that Changed Us

The Preface

The American Civil War is one of the most Historical moments in US history. This war marked the beginning of a long fight for equality and civil rights for all. The south fought for the right to keep African Americans as slaves, while the north fought for equality and the emancipation of all slaves.

Civil War canons seen at what can be seen at an army base

1. The Battle of Bull Run

The “Battle of Bull Run” signified the start of the Civil War. With both Union and Confederate troops undisciplined and untrained, which amounted to thousands of casualties on both side.

With the Confederates vastly out numbered, it was expected to be an easy victory for the North. General Thomas Jackson also known as “Stonewall Jackson” proved otherwise. The north seemed to have the upper hand until Stonewall Jackson’s reinforcement troops pushed back and sent the Union into a retreat.

2. Battle of Glorieta Pass

The majority of the Civil war was fought in the east, but one major battle that help keep the west out of Confederate hands was the “Battle of Glorietta Pass” in northern New Mexico.

Arizona at the time was part of the Confederate Territory, and the first real presence of the south’s presence in the western part of America. The Confederates knew if they would stand a chance in this war, they would have to continue moving west to California to gain unclaimed land and resources.

With that said, the troops from New Mexico, Texas started their march into Colorado and California territory before they were met by Union Troops at Glorieta Pass, where their supply units were exposed and the Union took advantage of it and ended their march to the west.

Glorieta Pass was also known as the “Gettysburg of TheWest” due to it’s outcome. It could had easily changed the course of the War.

3. Battle of Gettysburg

The “Battle of Gettysburg”, was known as one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War and also one of its last. Gettysburg was such a pivotal moment during the war because it defined who would ultimately win.

With Lincoln’s presidency fading and his popularity faltering, General E. Lee saw this opportunity as the nail on the coffin for the Union.

With intense back and forth from both sides General E. Lee successfully defeated the North.


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