Colonial Manners Paulina Jorgensen

-Life with Colonial Manners-

What do you know about Colonial manners? Well I can fill you in. There were a lot of Colonial manners at the time to follow. Manners were everywhere from foot posture to not sitting when others are standing! These are many things you could learn about colonial manners.

In the colonial times there we a lot of manner requirements this includes keeping yourself clean like keeping your nails short but you don't show your effort to it! Or if your talking to somebody and they're standing it would be polite not to sit. Nowadays people don't consider it rude when there talking to people on different levels!

Posture is a lot to, because it's always polite to show that you care enough to sit straight. Even foot posture counts, when you sit you need to keep your feet straight and firm!

Colonial manners were a big for the society in colonial America. These are some of the manners used in the colonial times.


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