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Blog 1: Hey, today I asked Peter to give me my fan and one of Romeo's friends made a rude comment. He was like "good, Peter, to hide her face, for her fan’s the fairer face." He was so rude, but I needed to know where Romeo was. I just wanted to talk to Romeo but his friend was making fun of me and calling me ugly. After they finally left I asked Romeo who his friend was that was making fun of me, but he didn't tell me. I told Romeo I was here because Juliet sent me. Before I told him anything I asked him if he was trying to trick her or if he really loved her. Romeo is a handsome gentleman, but I do not want Juliet getting hurt. I knew what he was going to say so I cut him off and told him how he really does have a good heart. Then I told him I'd deliver the message to her that he wants to propose. Romeo had a plan to marry Juliet. I had to tell Romeo about Paris, I thought it was the right thing to do. Then I went home to tell Juliet the news.

Blog 2:Hi. When I got home today Juliet was so eager to her the news and what Romeo had to say. She wanted to hear what happened either good or bad, it was a little overwhelming. She kept asking me, but I was out of breathe. I told her how handsome he was but she demanded I told her his thoughts on their marriage. I didn't tell her at this point because I changed the subject by asking her where her mother was. Juliet caught on fast and knew I was trying to stall. Juliet is the most impatient person I know! I finally just told her that Romeo was waiting at the Friar's cell to marry her. Then Juliet left and thanked me. I'm so happy that Juliet found someone as kind and handsome as Romeo.

Blog 3: Hello, today was a terrible day! Tybalt died and Romeo was responsible. I saw Tybalt's gory death and it was awful, I nearly fainted. I told Juliet the news and she could not believe it! Tybalt was my best friend and I wish that I died before I had to witness his death. Juliet was very confused and she thought that Romeo was dead. So I told her that Romeo killed Tybalt and that he was just banished. Juliet expressed how much she hated Romeo for killing Tybalt. Then when I said Romeo was untrustworthy Juliet lashed out on me for talking bad about her husband. I just do not understand how she defends Romeo after he just killed her cousin. She was very upset about Romeo's exile so I decided that I would go get him and give him Juliet's ring.

Blog 4:Hey, today was pretty eventful. So it started out with me having to warn Romeo and Juliet that Lady Capulet was coming. Then I left and came back with Lord Capulet. When Juliet refused to marry Juliet I knew it was because of Romeo. But Lord Capulet thought she was just being a spoiled, ungrateful brat. Lord Capulet was saying very rude things and Juliet just wanted him to listen to her. Lord Capulet started getting out of hand so I had to stand up for Juliet. He just told me to shut up, but Lady Capulet told him he's getting too angry. Lord Capulet threatened to disown Juliet, so Juliet went to her mother. Lady Capulet said she's done worrying so she left. Then Juliet came to me and asked me what to do. So I told Juliet that Romeo was exiled and she should move on from him and just marry Paris. Juliet thanked me for my advice, then said she will go to the Friar to confess. So I left to go tell her mother.


Blog 5: Well today was the most unsettling day of my life. It started out chaotic, everyone was running around preparing for Juliet's wedding. So Lord Capulet asked me to wake up Juliet and get her ready. I kept yelling and trying to wake her up. Then I noticed that she had the same clothes on from yesterday and it was very odd. So I kept trying to wake her , but she wasn't waking. I then came to the conclusion that Juliet died. So Lady Capulet came in from all my yelling, so I told her, that her only child, Juliet, was dead. Then after that Lord Capulet walked in. I also told him and he was so shocked he could barely speak. Then Friar Lawrence and Paris walked in wanting to know if Juliet was ready. Lord Capulet broke the news to Paris about Juliet's death. Paris struggled for Juliet's love and then the day of the wedding she passes away. He was as upset as you would expect. This was the most painful thing that ever happened to me. The Friar was trying to comfort us by saying that Juliet was in a better place and that she'll rest in peace, but I've never experienced a worse day than this.


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