183MC Project By Kayne, Kadeem, Tatenda, Daisy, Airidas, Hristiyana, Liana, Gugu and Kristina

Throughout this module we will be tasked with four projects, an ad campaign, magazine/zine, video and a pitch for an app. This blog is in place to document our progress and our thought process throughout this time.

Week One, Our finished advert for VANS
For our ad project we decided to promote and advertise the renown clothing brand VANS. We incorporated the traditional skater heritage of the brand as we opted to do our own photoshoot in a skatepark to truly grasp the heritage of VANS.
This was the original image used in making the final ad for week 1.
We used the backdrops provided by the graffiti artists in the area to increase the authenticity of the whole skater vibe.
Week Two project in progress, were making Zines!
Our finished Zine ready for assembly.
https://issuu.com/kadeemwhynn/docs/magazine_disney_.pptx/2 - Full link for magazine
Article within the magazine regarding the history of disney music and our top ten disney songs
Article inside the magazine regarding the development of the disney films in the theatre.

Would You Rather? Youtube video

http://share.snacktools.com/9E6A7AD569B/bh5avalm The link to our app pitch placed into an online powerpoint.

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