Passport to Reading Challenge Travel around the world via books!

why do you read?

why should you read?

grab your passport and get ready to read!

passport to reading challenge

what is it?

Students are invited to participate in this year’s Passport to Reading Challenge, where you will read your way across the world. You rack up 250 miles for every 20 minutes that you read. You’ll need to travel 25,050 miles to travel around the world….that equals approximately 33 hours of reading!

The challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate. Traveling through each continent, you will explore seven different genres (one for each continent). Once you reach a new continent, you will change genres, write a postcard listing the books that you’ve read and possibly even write a book review for a book that you fell in love with.

Students have the choice of reading seven different genres from the following list:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery and Horror
  • Biography
  • Award Winning Books
  • Graphic Novels

how's it work?

You will be issued a “passport” to record your reading upon the start of the challenge. An adult has to initial off on all reading - in 20 minute increments. You will need to keep up with your minutes and your books read on your passport.

Once you have traveled enough miles to reach the next continent, come into the library where you will be given a postcard to fill out.

You will then write what books you have read on your journey this far. Also, you have the opportunity to write a book review if you would like to recommend the book to your peers. Both the recommendations and postcards will be displayed in the library. Finally, you will choose your next genre and read only from that genre until you reach your next destination.

Once the librarian has received verification that you are ready to move on (by looking at your passport and reading your postcard or review) you will receive a certificate for reaching your checkpoint.

Certificate for reaching your destination

Large maps of the world and the reading journey will be hung in every Reading teacher’s classroom and in the library. The reading teachers will give you a special icon that you can track your path across the map to keep up to date on your progress and see where others are in their journey. Students will be able to download their own copy of the map if they so desire.

Remember, ALL reading must be verified by a teacher or a parent. Now let’s get reading!

passport to reading rules

  1. All reading must be verified by a parent or teacher.
  2. Keep up with your passport. If you lose your passport, you will need to start again.
  3. All reading must be done in 20 minute increments. If you read 20 minutes, you travel 250 miles, 40 minutes equals 500 miles.
  4. You must choose your own genres for each continent. Write your genre on each continent in your passport.
  5. You must complete a postcard or a book review at the completion of each continent, before you will be allowed to move forward.

passport to reading FAQ's

  1. Do I have to participate? No. You do not have to participate, but we hope you will want to participate. You will improve in your reading, get exposed to a lot of new books and have some fun in the process.
  2. What if I lose my passport? We are asking you to keep up with your own passport. If you lose your passport we can give you another one, but you will have to start the whole challenge again.
  3. What if I don’t like the books in the genre I chose? Keep reading. Chances are that you will find something that you like. Power got this.
  4. I don’t have time to read. How can I participate? There are plenty of apps that offer free books on your phone. You could read while you’re on the bus or in the car on the way to practice. You can find minutes to read in your day if you are determined to compete and win the challenge. Also, listen to books on audiotape on your phone. Listening to a good story is still reading!
  5. There’s nothing that I like to read at our library. What do I do? There is a link to a Harris County Library Card application on Google Classroom. If you have a HC Library Card you can check out tons of free books from apps on your phone. Give it a try! Also, if you have specific needs/likes that are not being addressed at the library, mention it to the librarian!
  6. If you have any additional questions, ask me in the library or ask your reading teacher! Thanks! Let’s start reading!!

Join our Google Classroom Page for access to all of the resources! Go to Google Classroom, add a class and enter this code: zvw06a

passport to reading resource page

Harris County Public Library Card Application:

Don’t know what to read? Check out the Personal Reading Consultant. She’ll ask you what you like and don’t like, then send you list of recommended books.

How to access free electronic resources using your Harris County Library Card:

Additional free electronic books, audio books and movies:,cpid&custid=s9206921&profile=eon

Elibro -

north shore middle school reading resources

Explore our resources, plan your next book to check out or check out an ebook now if you can’t wait!

More kid-friendly searching:

National Geographic Non-Fiction books and magazines -

Non-Fiction Resources:

Science in Context -

Opposing Viewpoints -

bon voyage! let's get reading!

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